Take Your Best Guess

All I know is that I would have loved to have been there to see that shit.

Posting will continue to be light, the process of sorting through the crap in Mom’s house and cleaning the massive mess has begun in earnest.

I was up there several hours yesterday but now the wimmins are going in after we softened up the landing zone.

6 thoughts on “Take Your Best Guess

  1. You make me feel lucky. My 86 year old mother is whatever the opposite of a hoarder is. Talk about a minimalist! I had to go rescue the piano because she was going to throw it out. All she needs is her friends, a deck of cards, a little chardonnay, and some visits and pictures of grandkids (and great grandkids). She has made damn sure that when she leaves there won’t be anything to clean up and she thinks it’s kind of funny the way people cling to things. Good luck with the clean up and I hope that tooth feels better!


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  3. Hey Phil, hope I’m not crossing any lines here. I am posting on an older post so it doesn’t hopefully get seen by the minions. You should check with a realtor or tax guy. In some states, if you inherit your parents house, you can stay at their property tax rate and get the house on a stepped up basis. Basically if your Mom (or wifely units parents ) bought their house for 50K and it’s now worth 300K, then your tax basis would be 300K, meaning if you sold it in ten years for 500K then you would only pay capital Gains on 200K. Even if you have siblings sharing you could buy them out and it would be a good deal for you. Anyway, good luck. It would be so nice to see you have a place where you could build a shop.

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