I Found Something To Do When I Get Bored


Holy shit that could take days.

Since I started using Protonmail it looks like I have neglected to keep on top of this.

I get a copy of every Gmail that I get sent to my Proton Mail account and I try like hell to keep that one under control.


7 thoughts on “I Found Something To Do When I Get Bored

  1. You can set up filters in Gmail to move mail that comes from -proton mail- for example, directly to trash and you’ll never see those again. Another option for the filter setup is -has the word(s). Good for deleting the manure that comes from domains that have an unsubscribe button in their spam but where that unsubscribe button doesn’t actually work, or worse yet, jst tries to download malware. Just set up a filter and never see that crap again.


  2. Using current percentages, 7K will be about your car’s extended warranty, 2,800 will be for Russian or Chinese women looking for a soulmate, 3,375 will be for survival gear that has absolutely no practical use, 2,125 will be for ambulance chasing attorneys, 4,700 will be for christmas sales, and the remaining 2K will be emails that you actually should read.

    Yes, I just made that up, I’m not that much of a geek.



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