Keep ‘Em Away From Me

I’m too old for babies.

All that cryin’, shittin’ and pukin’, no thanks.

I’d like to see if this trick actually works sometime though.

10 thoughts on “Keep ‘Em Away From Me

    • My hair grows all the time.
      Out of my ears, my nose, on my neck…
      Hell my eyebrows have hairs in them that get to be two freakin’ inches long all the time and they have been racing to meet each other in the middle for thirty years now.


      • I’ve heard it said that when you reach middle age, Mother Nature shows a sense of humor about where hair is supposed to grow. And it escalates from there.


  1. A plastic bag does the same thing. You just have to hold it in place long enough. Works the whole way through adulthood as well. No, don’t thank me. Just doing my part.


    • W.C. Fields had a good way to raise kids:
      Put ’em in a barrel and feed ’em through the bunghole. When they turn 15, drive in the bung. He *loved* children…


  2. Raised 2 and glad I did but just looking at babies makes me tired and the wife did most of the work while I was out making a living. Wife has a saying; “Babies aren’t for babies”.


  3. Allergies: cats, wailing babies, Brussels sprouts, bad gun laws, people’s attempts at beer home-brews. Not necessarily in that order.


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