3 thoughts on “Dood Was Asleep Man!

  1. I had that same situation this morning. I went up to our other station to do SCBA pack maintenance and run the fire engine. I went to disconnect the standby air hose and electrical cord and saw a small brown lump on the air hose fitting. Just as I was reaching to brush it off, I saw a slight movement. It turned out to actually be a small tree frog. I picked it off and trapped it in my hand, where it promptly urinated (typical amphibian fight/flight response). I brought it outside and let it go near the trees where it hopped away.

    I like all manner of reptile and amphibian, and constantly save them in my yard either from my dogs or my lawnmower.


  2. Dan, I don’t know where that was taken, but it just looks like an ordinary green tree frog. The colour is to help them blend in with tropical foliage. Their predators are the green tree snake, brown tree snake, small pythons, owjs, the tawny frogmouth, bats (as juveniles). Poor buggers cop it hard. For some reason, they like smooth surfaces like glass. Also coldroom walls, which are deadly for them, as they fall asleep on the cool exterior, but die there unless removed and placed in a safe warm spot.


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