12 thoughts on “I’m Torn Here

  1. One time when I worked at a Beechcraft Dealership I saw one Beech Baron hit another one that was ahead of it on the taxiway. The left prop of the offending Baron cleaned the right horizontal stabilizer completely off of the one in front. The funny part was that the aircraft that got hit belonged to the Texas State Comptrollers Office and was used to fly around the state doing surprise tax audits. The Comptroller at that time was Bob Bullock who later became Governor. The guy that hit that plane was fuuuuuuuucked!


  2. After a brief stint in aviation I learned that when this shit happens, both planes are wrecked and are deemed not airworthy until complete repairs and inspections are made. Unlike a fender bender with a car that you can most likely drive away and fix later. I repaired props and a strike of even the smallest object means prop rebuild or replacement and an engine rebuild at the very least.


  3. Where I worked, a couple of pilots were trying to tune in the world series on the ADF when they ran over a power cart. Plane full of humans. Prop tip went thru cabin but nobody hurt. Captain allowed to retire. FO fired. Powercart smashed to shit. Feds insisted on finding prop tip. That bitch was in a different zipcode. Happen DFW.


  4. C: all of the above. I have never been surprised at the idiocy of aircraft system managers. Pilot is more of a mindset than a title. I doubt there are many of us that would fire up the truck, in gear, no brake set, and leave the cab expecting no issues at all to arise.


  5. I used to live on Lake Union, actually on the lake next to the Kenmore Air Floatplane dock in downtown shitattle. I was always amazed how the pilots managed to sidestep and takeoff and land between all the boats running hither & yon upon the lake. Regular flights, summers sometimes multiples, about one every 2 hrs. They always had someone on the dock to position the plane away from the dock after loading.
    This is a classic way of some dumbass causing about a half million dollars in damage as the airframes on both as well as the complete eng on the one are in need of repair. And airplanes ain’t cheap to repair or replace. I can just hear the dumbass FAA report, I just didn’t see it.


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