The Last Drive of Summer 2021

We haven’t had hardly any rain around here all Summer long but that is about to change and we are predicted to get an inch and a half of it over the weekend.

I decided since I have only put about 2500 miles on this stupid car in the last thirty years that I would roll the dice and take it to work one last time this year before I throw the tarp back on it.

21 thoughts on “The Last Drive of Summer 2021

  1. You were Brave driving an old spitfire 🙂 What is it a 4 or 5 speed? No gauges work?

    Listening for parts falling off, ROTFLMAO

    Reminds me of my first “Sports Car” a Karmann Ghia. Every weekend I’d get the twin carbs working and sprint around until they started failing and she acted like a Nun in a Wheel Chair.

    Floor Boards rusted out plywood kept me from doing the Fred Flintstone.

    That VW repair for Idiots was well grease stained before I traded her in for a F150 rust bucket.

    Oh to be that young again 🙂 Thanks for the memory boost.


      • When I was a kid and into taking everything apart to see what made it tick (natural born gearhead) some of our little toy cars had clearly readable Budweiser labels on the inside. This was back in the days when “made in Japan” meant cheap junk, long before names like Sony and Honda became quality items.


  2. Was that Millplain going out Sunnyside direction? It sounded like you were dumping gears out the ass end of your tranny every time you shifted. Where you going to work or are going to work with it?


  3. Way to go, Phil!

    Yeah, I heard the comment about parts falling off. Part of “Vintage Motoring”. Pulled off some nice shifts there, too.

    Didn’t get my Supra out this year, or even work on it much due to some medical issues. Oh, well…she’ll be there in the Spring.


  4. My spirit rides with you. Back in the mid-70’s I had a ’69 BMW 2002. Updated some of the trim and rear marker lights. Changed out to 320i rims and rubber, new shocks and rear coil springs. Installed a Weber carb and header. Mounted speakers in the rear deck, turning the trunk into a speaker cabinet. Good times.


  5. No visits by Lord Lucas or oil splats? You are one lucky SOB. Sell it quick, Advert to read “fully operational Sprite, today only – bring $10K, cash in hand”.


  6. Comrade kommissar Petey Buttplug is unhappy that he wasn’t able to tax you by the mile in the spirit of unity and we are all in this together and everybody is supposed to help, you deplorable kulak untermenschen.
    Did some rural back country route cruising earlier and passed up the student driver in the 30mph no passing zone just for fun.
    Enjoying the last few fields and meadows before they are particle board subdivision sector section 8/WIC visual pollution to house the replacements.
    Our good buddy allies China will supply us with some food after all the crop lands are subdivisions or strip malls. (not really)
    The internal combustion engine is a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy and all comrades will be supplied a mule driven Zil or Trabant for the good of the collective.


  7. Your Sprite at idle sounds a lot like my 1969 MG CGT. As the weather cools this fall I will be driving mine a lot more. All my gauges work and shifting gears can be interesting. You have to do the wiggle test on the Lucas “electrical system” occasionally to get everything up to snuff. I am discovering Brit cars are a lesson in humility.


  8. In Miami, my Uncle had a ~’53 – ’55 AH Sprite – bug eye, toggle switch directional – what I’d give to have that! As a result, my sister got a ~ 1966 Sprite that (a few adult beverages later) I had up to a touch over 100 at 1AM on a rather winding Old Cutler Road. Gratefully those days are behind me – thanks for the walk down memory lane, Phil.


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