Fourth Generation Information Warfare

It has literally gotten to the point you can’t really believe your own lying eyes anymore when it comes to the things you see on the internet these days. The reality is that about 80% of the people world wide are firmly against all the crap that has been going on with this Covid bullshit and the resulting power grabs.

You would never know that by looking at the internet.

This is why.

The Chinese are the worst but there are these Bot Farms all over the world.Thirty five or forty cell phones hooked up to one computer, run by one person.

Now your opinion is drowned out forty times over.

Multiply those forty phones and one person by a hundred or a thousand and you can see how the narrative gets twisted so strongly, so fast.

Say you decide to leave a comment on a social media platform in support of any resistance against the narrative you happen to see.

Twenty seconds later your comment and support are hammered into the ground by a deluge of comments countering you.

This is how that works.

Don’t believe that they are winning for a second.

The Deep State is in Panic Mode hard right now and they are losing this battle.

Shit is going to start coming hard and fast in the coming months, starting off in early October.

Keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel.

The Normies are going to be awakened the hard way and they are going to be confused and very angry.

The Deep State will no longer be able to hide or deny the end result of these Death Jabs and it’s going to be Game On.

33 thoughts on “Fourth Generation Information Warfare

  1. Unfortunately we heard the same during the Trump administration. Just wait… next month… you’ll see… Trump’s playing 4D chess…mass arrests coming… blah, blah, blah.
    I don’t like the situation but the fact is, the Deep State is winning. I see no signs of Deep State panic.
    Nobody is doing anything about anything.
    No accountability for Afghanistan. No penalty for outright Treason. Crickets.
    Jan. 6th protestors held as political prisoners a la Guatemala and nothing. Some on the Right stage another limp wrist-ed protest and everybody on the Right says “don’t go… it’s a setup”.
    Don’t stand up for your rights! Don’t DO anything! We might look bad.
    Nobody is coming to save us and we lack the will to save ourselves.

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    • Links to the person(s) who said “Don’t DO anything!”, or it never happened.

      It’s easy to sit and shit, ridicule everything, and suggest nothing. That’s what 90% of the internet is for.
      It’s also easy to suggest doing something that’s retarded. There’s another 9% of the ‘net.

      If anyone can’t figure out the dumbassery of a second DC protest, after the fiasco from the last one, they’re probably too stupid to save. (This protest will be different!!)
      Remember how we protested the Germans out of France? Twice?
      How about when we protested the British out of America?
      Didn’t that work out great?

      Nobody here is spinning Q-tard 4D fairytales.
      They’re just watching the bubbles start to boil up in the pot.
      Shit’s gonna blow eventually. That’s just physics.

      You can’t see any “Deep State panic”? You figure they’re tightening vaxx mandates because they feel in control??
      You think they put up fences in DC because they feel safe??
      Pffft. As If.

      So either be the 1%, or go find it.
      I suspect that anyone whining about apathy, while doing nothing themselves, nor even making a suggestion, is a wee bit too much hypocrite in the stew for most people’s taste.


        • Aesop is a nurse, I am a retired nurse of thirty years, now, I would say I disagree with Aesop about 40% of the time, especially of medical practice and statistics, but I will admit I have been out of nursing almost twenty years. I have never seen him trash talk, I wouldn’t be his beer drinking buddy but would I share a fox hole with him? In a fucking heart beat, he was Marine Infantry, I was Army MP with combat experience. One thing we both have in common is we use an avatar name and stick with it, we don’t post anon like the coward you seem to be, so we own what we say and will take shit for it, or take praise for it. I don’t fight Aesop’s fights, he can more then handle them himself. Ebola, yeah it was a dude, but if the tptb could have truly weaponized it, you would be deader then dead after bleeding out of every orifice and then some it decided to make. It is that deadly. You ain’t seen nothing yet, Cholera,Typhoid, Methicillin Resistant Tuberculous when all spread is just some of the joys we will get. So fuck face, get a name and back your words.


        • Ah the ever brave Canadian Cluck hiding behind anonymous today. Hey Filthie did you forget how to spell your name today?

          Stick to your Thunderbox oh Hero of the North.


          • If that is Mr. Filthie, it sorta puts a new spin on it. Stirring the pot. Makes me chuckle a bit. Kinda like a kid that shit on top of a birthday cake.


      • A 2nd DC protest would work if a few MILLION (Say 10 million) people showed up, And I don’t know why they don’t. Isn’t there some way to organize it?


  2. If it isn’t working then why are they banning everyone from a pretty pink haired rapper to Trump for questioning the official narrative and keep them off Big Tech Bolshevik media?
    What a tremendous ROI for the CCP by buying up the worst government that money can buy.
    They are all hot air and hype who don’t really want WAR and they want you demoralized so don’t go there.
    Yuri Bezmenov calls from beyond to stay the course and rid the world of the commie plague once and for all.


  3. China is late to the game. You are describing some of the ways Russia helped Trump win in 2016.
    They also pay American bloggers. Have you checked into that income stream?


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