14 thoughts on “Ye Shall Know Their Leader By The Black Socks

  1. They’re all wearing their cop shades.
    I also notice not a single one of those guys has a visible tattoo. What are the odds of that in this day and age?


  2. Between, the haircuts, shades and socks, they make it themselves easy to spot. Oh and they don’t integrate well they congregate in groups. I guess it makes them feel safer.


    • Exactly! Their towering, high confidence in themselves is truly to our advantage. A good chopping will bring that dead tree smashing down. (Sharpens axe) Ohio Guy


      • I knew a young CHP hot shoe who thought he was pretty special because he had attended an FBI marksman/sniper class (at his own expense). When he told me what the final exam consisted of (shooting a small object off the top of a post at 50 yards, I think it was, I had to contain my laughter. I was thinking “Heck, any serious civilian shooter could do that with a decent rifle that he was familiar with”.
        It was shortly after that I realized the FBI shooting school’s rigorous standards explained Lon Horiuchi’s acumen with his gov’t issued rifle.

        What a joke the FBI is. An overfunded, corrupt, egomaniacal joke.


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  4. Someone overlayed a captcha grid on the first photo and changed the caption to “click all boxes containing feebs” I must admit, I laughed way too hard at that.


  5. When everyone in our alternative media (including President Trump himself) was shouting from the rooftops “IT’S A TRAP!!!”, any dumb schmuck who was there and NOT a fedboi deserves whatever harassment they get out of it.
    It was epic fail on so many levels though, and great fun to read about.


  6. The poleece are only in it for the free donuts and free gas with unlimited cruising.
    They won’t be loyal to any Deep State apparatchik nomenklatura maggots, especially when the paychecks and pension dry up.
    Imam Hussein Hopenchange destroyed the poleece and military for a reason, so that the CCP’s PLA can rickshaw cart right across the fruited plains of Chiquitastan.


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