76 thoughts on “WTF NOW? Open Thread

  1. Maybe you guys could help me out with a math problem, vaccination has been a great sucess with 80% of the population having been vaccinated, but there are 80 million prople that refuse to be vaccinated. So if my math teacher taught me correctly, that 80 million should the other 20% – so that put the population of the the US aroud 400,000,000 – any idea where the other 100 million folks came from, I assume they are all phantom democrats in Maricopa county?

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  2. They just made vaccine passports mandatory in Saskatchewan.
    Interestingly, there are a shit ton of Trump flags still flying in farm yards, as well as bumper stickers.
    Plenty of people wishing Ralph Klein was still alive. He would be considered the rude twin of DJT and he never gave fuck.

    The big irony is if the Governments of the West decide they will strangle out the people, they know anarchy and rampant death will occur if they shut off electricity to the cities for only three days – and that will actually kill the very same people that voted them in.


    • So, if everyone just buys everything on line, I wonder what will happen to those businesses. I don’t wonder too much other than how many dipshits are actually going to show their papers.


      • Ah, but if you can’t work and can’t receive any benefits (like Social Security or Veteran’s Bennies) or any retirement pay unless you get the jab, how will you order on-line?

        Because that’s the next dictat from the High Office of the Reichschanceller. You gotta have proof of jab to access your bank account, to get paid, to get pensions and benefits, to cash out stocks or IRAs or even go to a pawn shop and sell stuff.

        “Papiere bitte,” says the man in black armor with a full auto gun, surrounded by others…

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          • They already are depeopling people. It’s happening with the military – Get Vaxed or Get Out. So much for all that retirement money and VA benefits.

            And regular government workers – exclusive of the CDC, the FDA, Congress and it’s employees, the Post Office…

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    • “… the very same people that voted them in…”

      Why not? “…the very same people that voted them in…” have served their purpose.


  3. I like the one where some restaurant requires vax papers. You then ask to see the papers for your server and anyone who might come in 6 feet of your food, and hell, let’s see the medical history also to be sure the people aren’t Hep A or B positive or any other communicable diseases.


  4. We are all going to die. The warriors will pick the hill they die on. Everyone else seems to want to go out in there sleep.

    I just want the government to go away and that won’t happen in the woke nanny state the dems want to create.

    Keep you powder dry.


    • Riiiiiight.
      That’s why life expectancies were so much higher before hospitals.
      Wait, that never happened.

      Go spread some chemtrails while looking for aliens and Bigfoot.
      Black Helicopters Matter!

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      • I was listening to a podcast and someone was quoting a doctor who was noticing that the “wounded” or “sick” that were kept OUTSIDE recovered quicker than those inside. Can’t remember the episode. But when you’ve got chemtrails, et al, outside can be just as dangerous.


    • Death is a natural part of life. Politics has nothing to do with the way I choose to live. When my time comes, I’ll welcome it, knowing fully the choices I’ve made. And I refuse to take anything, wear anything, or do anything just because it makes you less fearfull. You do you. I’ll do me…Nigga.

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    • Puleeze, nigga, don’t wear the mask. We’s all free and shit, because we’s kangs and shit.

      Cloth masks are 1% effective at the best on stopping any bacteria, let alone a viral particle.

      The paper masks are at most 40% effective.

      The high quality HN95 masks are around 80% at the best.

      So even if you have the best, you are still inhaling 20%. And you are not expelling any bacteria or viral particles that your body is trying to exhale.

      So, well, fuck masks. They are great for sifting dust and pollen. The better cloth or paper or composite masks work great for large smoke particles.

      But anything small? You need a level 3 or level 4 biohazard mask that covers the whole face and seals. Which means no beards, no long hair, expensive filters that last 8 hours max per usage, decontamination showers with clothes on, remove clothes, decom shower again, pass through a downdraft room after drying, and then entering a facility that is sealed and has a functioning NBC filter running.

      Yeah, masks work. Wait, research shows that the Spanish Flu of 1917/1918 (which, survey says, came from CHINA) was made worse by people wearing masks.

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        • I’ve worked for a professional painting company. The fucking full face mask with almost NBC level filters and the damned stupid Tyvek suit in Florida during the summer. I was already skinny but I lost weight that year.

          As the Raven says, “Nevermore.” Or to translate, “Fuck this shit, I’m out of here!”

          I’ve seen Level 3 and Level 4 protection before, as I used to volunteer as a ‘victim’ for Civil Defense drills. In Florida, in the summer. Ah, the blastingly cold firehose of a decontamination center was nice, like a jet-powered water park. The poor bastards in their Level 4 suits? They’d pour out a gallon of sweat after an hour. (Of course, the same firehose was rather painful during decon drills in the winter.)


      • I’m taking to sheriff later and I’m telling them about all the racist ass mfs on this website that’s how me and my kids gonna get a lawsuit on ur hate crime bullshit!!! Guess what..cops don’t check shit u ask my girl Jen what happened to the last Trump lady that f wit me!!!! Oh yeah..she in JAIL LMAO. Cops took her ass right to jail. They don’t check shit all I gotta do is say u threaten me and give them ur name and make a Facebook of u!!! U WILL GET ARRESTED FUNNY BOY!!!


        • Damn, you should not of let ol Mike the Mooch rub one out on your moldy cooch if it was going to put you in such a mood. Rest easy, your welfare bennies should be along in about 10 days or so, then you can get some more MD20/20 to easy the pain of looking into the mirror.
          If things get too bad for you the option to return to Zimbabwe is always open. Do hurry as they are giving away free bushmeat this week.
          You might get lucky and score a free “necklace”
          just be mindful of the hydrocarbon fumes before they are lit.

          By the way, just so you are aware. Your tepid bathwater level iq threats scare exactly no one.

          And……….just like Epstein
          Your boy G Floyd did kill emselfs…………….

          That motherfucker Bert


          • MotherFUCKER that shit should scare u we gonna get u arrested and FUCK up ur LIFE. ask what happened to the last racist bitch actin funny about trump. ASK WHAT HAPPENED. I ain’t from Zimbabwe u stupid ass mf I’m from PR and DR. Funny bitches think they cute not saying they from pr cuz they have racism against their own dam self. Funny little girl wanna act white talking maga just act what happened to her u gonna join her little funny boy


            • Ah, the gentle mouthings of a dignified Caribbean street walker. I am so scared. Woooo. Just peed myself (from laughing.)

              Oh, she/it knows MMA, so? Whooptie dooooo… Please, please please try to come at me and fork me up. Please. I haven’t gotten out my rage on anyone other than the jackasses that keep calling me from foreign lands trying to act like they live here in these United States and want to sell me a car or a car warranty. But that’s only verbal rage. Not had the chance to kick someone until I feel better in a long time. Please, I beg of you, please track me down. Please oh pretty please.

              And I’ll amend my previous comment way up on top. We’s all kangs and quanes and shyte… Whooptie do. Got real kings and queens and other shit in my family tree and that just means bupkis. Who cares.

              Wooooo, soooo scared… Call the cops on me you crack-addled little flappy hot-dog-in-a-hallway loose boxed twinker.

              There’s this funny thing called ‘The English Language.’ Learn it. Embrace it. Love it. Use at least semi-proper American English and you’ll get your point across much better. Using ghetto-pidgin-flappy lips Engrish isn’t going to win you any points.


        • Correction: I’ll be talking to the Sheriff’s Department later, and I’ll be telling them about all the learned discourse that’s flying way above my mental ability to understand that is going on at this website and because I am too stupid to breathe without a soundtrack playing “breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out” I believe that I will be able to sue some person living in Washington State that has about $20 dollars free to his name. Why do I believe this? Because I measure my IQ by using a thermometer.
          There, fixed it for you.


    • I’m noticing that most of the people that are wearing the mask (and giving me dirty looks because I don’t) are of high melanin content.


      • Oh, most here in my AOA are just leftist shitbox idiots of any color. It’s the ones walking on the street, smoking, while wearing a mask, or using a face-shield, a mask or two, with the windows rolled up, and a cig hanging outside the window that, well…


    • This is about a good a place as any to drop this:
      I will paint my house with a Q-tip before I give a rat’s ass what Militza Mercedez thinks about ANYTHING.


  5. when they tie the jab shit to getting ssi and va bennies, that is when people are going to be shot in the face. seems to me that is what they want to do anyway. so.
    might not be box cars yet, but the fuckers are working hard to get there.
    I am old and fucked up a bit. but a long time ago I carried a m60 in the 101st and I remember a
    lot from back then.


    • If you need someone to hump the spare barrel bag and ammo, your ride is waiting. Have experience, willing to break shit, wanting to learn the art of “Necklacing communists” under the old oak tree.

      That Motherfucker Bert


    • Agreed. Heres my theory; TPTB need a solid reason to escalate against all the “normies” and up till now (barring Jan. 6), we haven’t come out in force to do anything about it (being patient). By forcing a “do or die” mandatory vax on everyone, maybe they are hoping some good citizens decide, “well, I got nothing left to lose, might as well take some of them with me”, it will allow them to move on to the next level of control (2nd Amendment gone, forced camps, martial law, etc.) because, you know, “violent white extremists” are to blame for all this violence.


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