11 thoughts on “Pretty Sure I Wouldn’t Have Ever Thought Of Trying This.

  1. My parents used to park my brother and I at OMSI (way back when it was up by the zoo) while they shopped in the big city. One time he came up to me with his hair all standing on end and said “Touch my finger”. ZZZAPPP! A spark about an inch long and I jumped about three feet. Massive Van deGraff generator.


  2. We used a battery, an ignition coil and a cast off auto part box with metal top and bottom and held “seances” with the unwary while I was in high school. We’d probably get expelled now.

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  3. The funniest story comes from my caving days and I was collecting books and bought a book by a British Caver, Bruce Bedford, titled “Challenge Underground.” He tells the story:

    After WW2 a ton of material and equipment came on the market, and the club acquired a field telephone ringer generator. The thing was mounted outside the privy, with the crank on the inside. The output was wired to the seat, and had a sign that said “Do Not Turn.” You can imagine the commotion when an occupant, warming the seat, turned the crank. Can’t say they weren’t warned.

    From what I heard, there were a number of “victims.” Cavers, British, or American, have a warped sense of humor.


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