Aaaaaand, We’re Back

OK then.

After the recent shit show of a bunch of people who’s mothers should be slapped for not beating manners into their little asses like the rest of us decided this would be a good place to stop by and fling shit on the walls at the last couple of days, I finally had to turn comment moderation on because I didn’t have time to fuck with it.

While I was at work, trying to do my fucking job and keep the comments flowing at the same time, Good Old Cederq dropped me a line and offered to moderate comments for me while I am busy doing other things.

You know, like trying to keep a roof over my family’s head and food on the table.

Shit like that.

I was a bit hesitant at first because I didn’t know how that was going to work but on my break I broke out the phone and started digging around behind the curtain.

Lo and behold, there was an option to invite someone to be an editor.


I sent him the invite, he didn’t get it, I sent it again, it wouldn’t work because WordPress didn’t like the browser he was using, he downloaded a new browser and got it going and then closed the window and couldn’t get it to come back.

Kind of a rocky start but we’ll get it straightened out here shortly.

In the mean time, I have turned the comments back on.


There will be no more of that Anonymous bullshit to hide behind.

You have to put a name and an Email address in to be able to comment.

As was expectedly shown by the trolls, getting a bogus Email is actually pretty damn easy.

That didn’t fool my ass and I banned them again anyway but if you don’t want to use your real name and/or Email address, just Google search for temporary or disposable Email addresses and you should be back in business in just a couple of minutes.

I hated to do that shit but I have been blogging for 15 years now and I’ll be damned if I am going to let some dumbass shit slingers fuck my site up.

Their stated intention was to get me shut down.

At least one of them left a little trail of blood in the snow for their trouble.

So anyway, the comments are open again, if it turns out to be too much hassle I can always turn off the Email requirement but in the mean time I’ll see how it goes.

Oh BTW, all the shit that got flung?

Oh yeah, I have a copy of all of it.

So here’s the deal, all I ask is people try to be civil.

DO NOT EVER, threaten to rape or kill anyone here. I will ban your ass so fast your head will spin.

I shouldn’t have to explain that but I am finding out that there are some people that just don’t have any common sense.

Don’t be That Guy.

Hopefully things will get back to normal around here, I could most certainly do without THE FUCKING DRAMA.


There has been a small but growing group of Most Excellent folks swinging by here and I want to not only keep that, I want to expand on it.

If you have any suggestions or gripes, leave them in the comments. I do read every single one of them, even if I get too busy to reply to them.

At this point I would like to thank everyone for their continued support while all this bullshit went down. It will stop eventually. In the off chance they do manage to get this place shut down, the joke’s on them.

I have at least three more blogs just waiting and I will be back the same fucking day.

Kenny, Irish, Hank and several other bloggers will be notified and will pass on the link toot sweet.

Thanks again.

80 thoughts on “Aaaaaand, We’re Back

  1. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for the pride you have in this blog. I stop by because it gives me a sense of normalcy in this crazy world. And that crazy world is exemplified in what those trolls were saying…..HOLY CRAP what stupidity! Just a bunch of junk that made no sense or attempt at furthering the discussion along. What a bunch of school child blathering.
    Anywho, keep up the good work.

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  2. Thank you for all you do, I visit every day. Sorry some people are jerks. The level of incivility right now is off the charts. I see it at work, shopping, on the road, restaurants, everywhere. Wish I knew why.


  3. Yea, you have commenters paid by China, soros, etc. Then you have the useful idiot 3 yr old puke stains on a dog turd that plug a USB cable into the back of their little heads when they go night night that connects them directly to CNN, and msnbc and post under 100 different aliases. Once again, they’ll be gone when they don’t get any attention.


  4. I too would like to echo the above sentiments. I hope you still have open comments from timr to time. Thank you and your trusted colleagues. It is good vs evil out there and the devil thrives in chaos. Pray unceasingly.


  5. You are getting to the leftists and that is a good thing . Keep up the good work . I stop in for a bite every chance I get and thoroughly enjoy the comments so I hope you don’t have to suspend them but with the shitstains having much more time than those of us that are productive I can understand if you have to go Aesop on them .


  6. Thank you for a most refreshing real life blog!
    Like you I am a common man that spent almost 50 years in industry, mostly power plant operations and maintenance so I too am well acquainted with idiots and detractors of all stripes.
    Please keep up the good work!
    Steve Moriarty


  7. Thanks for all you do and giving me a place to visit and realize there are sane unwoke people still on this planet.
    Yes there are evil people in this world who Love their drama that they think Everyone should have more drama in their lives.

    I have a young son who I am trying to educate (with some limited success).
    One of the early lessons that is repeated fairly regularly is the one about evil people who share our planet…Strangely enough this planet keeps on giving me examples to show the boy every week if not every day.
    He seems to have gotten this one…(Thank You Lord).

    Prayers for you and the family.

    MSG grumpy


  8. thanks for still giving us some of your time on top of all the other shit life requires from us. those of us in the same boat appreciate you sticking with it. fuck the bitch ass trolls


  9. I got it figured out on my end Phil, something you said jogged an old DOS Command Editor function that I was able to find the site and bookmark it. So I am up, I am full of shit and the Ban Hammer is posed…


  10. Good on ya, you hard headed crusty old fart. These trolls have nooo idea who they are dealing with. Still, thanks for shoveling all their shit to provide the rest of us with free ice cream. The way things are these days, your blog is a life line each morning to more folks than you know. Well done.

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  11. Believe it or not I appreciate you too Phil. Those people give us trolls a bad name. As much as I like to make fun of the batshit crazy stuff y’all believe, I think you are an honest man who truly believes what you say. And you are the most entertaining of the right wing blogs that I read on a regular basis (Wilder could be better if he didn’t try so hard).

    I read right wing media – Bretibart, Newsmax, etc. but you and your minions give me an idea what the rank and file rwnj believes. One thing I learned from your blog that I’d never heard on right wing media is that so many of you hate big business (welcome to the club). That was a surprise given that y’all vote republican and support a fake billionaire.

    Keep up the crazy and I hope you don’t cancel me.


    • Not all of us are Republicans… but, are not Democrats either. There is a segment out there that is Independent and is growing. I don’t believe the bullshit from either side.I am not about let some slimy bastard or party tell me what to think or how to vote. I think you will find that most on here is of the same persuasion. If you look under the hood of msm you will find we have more in common then you realize and I bet that scares the crap out of you and msm and the tptb.


    • @Beavis – it’s also amazing to me how many leftists (if that’s how you style yourself) believe that anyone who disagrees with even one part of their belief system is a Trumpist/Republican/right-wing-media-believing/nutjob/etc.etc.etc.

      It’s like they believe there are just two types of people. And, there aren’t.


      • True. But if you read posts on this blog you see the very same lumping together of people you disagree with. We’re all liberal/leftist/progressive/socialist/commie/fascist etc.. Depending how you define the term I could be any of those except fascist. Fascists are always right wing. Hitler didn’t believe in socialism. He just used that term to attract working class people to his movement and then pandered to their anti-Semitism. Like today’s republicans use the fetus, the firearm, the faggot, and the foreigner as wedge issues to convince a lot of people to vote against their pocketbook and to vote for republicans.

        Cederq is correct that we are more alike than different. The similarities don’t scare me, but some of the differences are concerning. What you rarely find on left wing blogs are a longing for armed insurrection, people calling you the enemy, and fantasizing about how you will die or how many bullets it will take. We are opponents, not enemies. We do joke about how y’all are owning the libs by avoiding the vaccine and dying. Genius!


        • Beavis, my older brother could be described (by me) as a hard core liberal… I love him dearly and we talk frequently and truly enjoy each others company (brothers love trumps even ideology) even when discussing politics and the fine art of wimmins fables… that said, we both agree that he is a conservative liberal and I am a liberal conservative. What does it all mean? Your perception and beliefs change some times in a blink of a micro thought. I enjoy talking and discussions with those of a liberal slant, until… the blames and falsehoods come out, not that conservatives aren’t any different, they’re not. We are human primates, encoded to be aggressive, competitive, laying false-work (confabulation) to further oneself and tribe.


          • Good words Cederq. My neighbor is a slightly younger version of Phil who keeps the local power plant running. We avoid politics. Between kids, motorcycles and travel we have plenty to talk about. That’s why i like to mix it up here.

            Try this one on your brother: I consider myself a cultural conservative (a little straight laced) a social liberal (do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t affect me or anyone else) and an economic socialist (like Bernie Sanders and the Scandinavian countries).


  12. Thanks to Cederq for helping out with some of the heavy lifting, always good to have friends willing to help out. Thanks to you for a place to come that offers sanity in an insane world, I too appreciate the levity offered by a real, old crusty survivor like yourself. Thanks Phil !!!


  13. I have a fren that’s a full blown commie. I’ve known him a long time and over the years he became radicalized by our media…the CBC. He hates the rich no matter how they became that way and never can unnastan that wealth creates good jobs for those that seek them. I explained to him that Bidens traitor handlers crushed the keystone pipeline to ensure his good buddy Buffett, can continue to move the oil on his rail system. Like most hypocrites, he had zero argument to give.


    • Wrong Chutes. Wealth doesn’t create good jobs. If that were true we would be rolling in good jobs with the historically unprecedented increase in wealth over the past few years.
      Wealth is created when consumers are willing and able to spend. A little wealth is a good motivation to satisfy consumers. Big wealth means the average joe has been screwed over at the store, workplace or ballot box.
      Keystone was environmentally unsound due to the potential for leaks and the source of the oil – tar sands. It was un-American because it used eminent domain to take private property and give it to a private (foreign-owned) business. Eminent domain should only be used for public projects – highways, schools, etc..


        • I think so… Mine is the one I use on Blogger and WordPress so t follows me. I am not sure how to create and use one without one of the hosting companies. It is the same with Phil and others like egorr (Bless his heart, he was helpful last night with loading Brave and working through some issues I had, and I have issues…)


  14. Thanks for puttin’ in the extra effort to keep things rolling Phil. And thanks to Cederq for helping out with vermin duty.

    Like others have said, this place is one of my daily stops for sane commentary and a healthy dose of humor. Keep up the great work!


  15. Great job Phil and Cederq! I still don’t understand the hate and rage on the left. The USA has given them everything they want and they still are angry. Also why does the left hate old people? The green energy and financial policies are hurting the working person and retirees. Here in Central Mass my electric rates are 22 cents per KW-hr, mostly because they shut down the coal and nuclear plants and replaced those with inefficient solar. My electric bill will take up a huge portion of my SS when I retire, thanks to all the “loads that should have been swallowed” leftists.

    Hammer them into the ground, let us know what we can do to help.


  16. I’ll jump on the Yay, Phil! bandwagon. I read your blog pretty much every day. Don’t often comment or read comments, so I missed the fun. Thanks for what you do.


  17. Way to go Phil, good on ya mate. And I can’t think of a better moderator than good ole Cederq. Be a cussed bastard all you want but be respectful of every body else’s fucktardness as well. No hiding, and ifn ya wanna be a trolling, go fishing. With any luck you’ll drown.

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  18. Thanks for all you do, Phil. I come by every day. Don’t comment much, but enjoy the give and take most of the time. I second what Aesop said above, you’re over the target, don’t stop now!


  19. Phil,
    Only once have I commented on your site.The results of that comment led to a
    string that was knowledgable,questioning,and above my expectations.Please don’t let
    some shit smearers get you down.

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  20. There’s a big downside to disallowing anonymity. I think it’s important to remember that *conservatives* are more likely to be harmed by doxxing than Progressives. I retired not too long ago. so I’m not particularly concerned anymore. But, if I were 10 years younger, I would never comment on a blog with my real name or email address. I learned that lesson the hard way — I was an expert witness in a trial some years ago, and the opposing counsel pulled up a bunch of my old blog posts and comments and misrepresented their meaning at trial.

    I currently host a very small discussion group using an anonymous server (bought with bitcoin) with all of the participants using anonymous ids and anonymous email addresses (on the server, not on a commercial provider) in order to allow some people in my profession to speak freely. Many have said that if they were discovered to be conservatives, they would be fired from work. And this isn’t Aryan Brotherhood stuff; this is very run-of-the-mill center-right conservative stuff — but it will get them fired, for instance, if they as Christians speak up for traditional marriage or against abortion. I was banned from a professional mailinglist for criticizing BLM and for “mentioning my faith unecessarily.”

    So, by disallowing anonymity, you may be cutting off more conservatives than Progressives.


    • Agree- I watched the same thing happen to a former coworker. Mildly conservative views and joking statements intentionally taken out of context to bolster the claims in a false police report. The lefties don’t even feel the need to be anonymous.


      • It is what it is, all I am trying to do is get a handle on a situation that went way out of control.
        These people literally stated their purpose of stirring up all this shit was to get this blog shut down so they could claim another scalp.
        Fuck them, sideways, with a rusty bulldozer.


    • I’m sure you want to reduce your comment moderation load by whitelisting comments from username/fake-email(password) pairs. But by collecting comment histories you’re creating a social credit scoring scheme.

      Modern wood gassifiers are made by ; they do or used to sell plans and kits too.


  21. Many have had to limit comments because of the leftist chillins that can’t act politely. Don Surber and Bayou Renaissance Man had to limit comments to those registered with Blogger. I’m registered with WordPress.

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  22. Man, that really sucks, Phil. I guess it shows how popular you are amongst the woke. I know it bounces off you, personally, but it’s a PITA to keep your comments moderated. All I ever get is spam, but then I’ve got a really **zero** blog about nuttin’.

    Hang in there, Winter’s coming and these wankers will get snowed in down in Mommy’s basement.

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  23. Oh geez, Phil. Mr egorr as editor, yes, except for the cat pics he’d post, but Cederq? That is like the Chickenhawk dude in the classic Foghorn Leghorn cartoons getting to guard the henhouse while the watchdog is away. WordPress may as well open as a porn site right now.


  24. I’m not complejely blind, just mostly. My eye doc says that while under the gen, I sat up with the instruments in my eye and put it right into the microscope over the table, hence the mostly bit, as the other isn’t too good either. I’ll be happy when the pain stops and I can see. That is what you get when you are skint and rely on gubmint docs. My only consolation during weeks of torture is that I’d still be able to outshoot you and Deathray, cos I’ve seen how old cops shoot!


  25. I wonder if these asshats understand that when we read a blog and find people we agree with it makes us feel like we are not alone and that there are those who would have our backs, which means we are less likely to let the pressure build up until we have to try a cognitive realignment of there thinking process. If they get the sites we read shut down then all they are doing is throwing a match into a powder keg that will just make certain people with certain skill sets decide it’s time to raise the black flag.


  26. Good mornin’ to ya, Sir Phil! Trolls – a waste of truly good oxygen!!
    Many thanks for your dedication and thoughts, and may you continue to carry on for many, many moons. I lurk around these parts on a semi regular basis, because it does indeed allow some pressure relief. The more of your thoughts I read on here, the more I find myself in agreement – and yes you may feel free to doubt my good judgement if you so desire ;-} Apologies for you having to put up with these mo-rons. As I said above – a waste of truly good oxygen!!


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