The Tipping Point Approaches

This is a fairly long read but worth every minute of your time.

There is no escaping the cycles of time but there is still hope just when things are looking bleakest.

The question is, are there still enough of us who aren’t completely brain dead to reality that will be able to continue on while the world falls apart around us?

Will we be so busy just trying to survive to put up any kind of defense against all that is arrayed against us?

Society is breaking down not just here but around the world as you read this.

If the lights went out and stayed out I think there wouldn’t be much of a population left to rule over.

These power mad imbeciles might want to learn how to operate the throttle or they will be doing their own chores because there won’t be anyone left with enough intelligence to keep the machine running when the lights do come back on.

52 thoughts on “The Tipping Point Approaches

  1. Straight scary stuff… There will be a Turning, one that will eclipse the previous three. It would be something to turn the “Way Back Machine” forward say twenty years ahead and wonder who is going to be alive, what this countries peoples and boundary is gonna look like and if DC will exist or a smoking hole in the swamp it was created from.


  2. The people behind this insanity are…. at least for the most part…. not stupid, they are evil.
    They have plans….and those plans include a servant class to do the scut work to keep them
    comfortable. You can exterminate 90% of the populace….and still have 9% remaining to serve the 1%. Remember….the people trying to destroy us are evil…. it’s their brain head supporters who are the morons. Too stupid to realize that THEY will be among the first eliminated due to being stupid and having no useful skills.


    • They show their hand when they show up maskless at their elite functions but the little people must wear masks. The Aussies have had enough of this shit. Im waiting for the Muricans to wake up and show the world how to deal with dictators.

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  3. So – Which army is spun up and ready to land on our shores to “restore order” once it all goes south (vaccine die-off, financial collapse, etc.)?



  4. What I’m seeing going on in the corporate world is that it is becoming obvious that the self selected elite corporate leaders and all their diversity selected syncophants have no idea what they are doing. They are starting to eat their own. Whats left of industry is about to grind to a halt due to complete incompetence. On of the things adding to the financial meltdown that occured in the market yesterday is good old fashioned underperformance and inability to deliver. Back in the day you had to work your way up in a technical firm usually through Engineering but now management selection is done through political correctness and it is getting real expensive.

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    • Mikey,
      I will be 70 in a few weeks.
      None of 2020-2021 makes any sense!
      How in the [flying fig-tree] can global stock-markets retain any semblance of providing value?

      * Supply trains are crashed, manufacturing has no product to sell.
      * Two-thirds of the global population is unable or unwilling to produce anything of value… beyond destroying Northern European Heritage folk in hopes of returning to the 7th century.
      * The vast majority of Americans are ‘eaters’ with zero-zero-zero understanding of productivity.
      * YourBetters are oblivious… and inbred… and incompetent.
      The entire global bankers house-of-cards has no foundation.
      And the lower layers of cards are bent-folded-mutilated from carrying the load.
      BisonPrepper James M Dakin preached for decades — calories, get enough for a few decades yesterday.


  5. look up the making of wood gas thing to work with gas engines. might be handy in the future.
    one thing my dad said stuck with me after he watch the moon landing. in 50 years this country went from horse and buggy to the moon because of electric power. gas does bad (thanks ! bush and his corn shit crap gas) propane will run out. but wood ? you can burn almost any thing in a wood gas generator and that can and will power almost any gas engine. take a guy like phil with his skills and tools started making them, he could live very well by trading them to people who grow
    food and raise livestock. something to think about,,, shooters are a dime a dozen, but wizards ?
    and even a couple of months into the fall that is what others will think he is.
    I think the fema website still has plans for them there. might be a good idea to make one ahead
    of time before you need it.


  6. If your house water comes from a well, install a hand pump (Bison or Simple Pump) on the well head. When the sock-puppets shut off the electricity, you’ll still have a reliable, independent water source.


    • Can you install a hand pump and leave your electric pump in case your electric comes back on or you buy one of Phil’s and Kevin’s Patented Wood Gasifier to run your genne set…


      • I think the answer is yes.
        I have a second well here that wasn’t in use for years.
        I pulled the pump and installed a Bison stainless steel hand pump as a backup.
        I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t have the two.
        Although, I’d probably just keep the hand pump in the box until it was needed.
        It went together pretty straight forward. You just need to be sure that you get enough of their piping and fittings to get to the water table.


  7. it might be possible to build a pump from pipe fitting, some sort of ram type thing. have to look at my old books about such things. I gave up a long time ago trying to remember everything, it is impossible ! but i can remember where i put the book on such thing. FOUND IT !!!
    popular mechanics do it yourself encyclopedia volume 5. hydraulic ram- a way to lift and pump water uphill. not sure where I got these from, but I kept them for at least the last 25 years or more.
    one thing on the gasifier tube, use a old hot water tank for the main body and maybe a length
    of well pipe for the burn tube. at least that was what i was thinking of. problem I have here is
    finding a good scrapyard where i can walk thru and pick out stuff. back in philly i used to go to
    richman’s yard and get metal for cheap ! fill up my stock rack nicely that way.
    already have plans for a wood gas plant and have a old engine to run with,,, need a few more items to finish. being old and with fucked back doesn’t help much as you can guess, but I will get
    there soon. above all else, think ! very few things are set in stone as dad used to say p.s. like the chicken idea though !maybe set it up like a rental thing, one or two per month ? and eggs too ?


      • ps I read the book fourth turning keeping in mind it was written in 1997. It is a good but a little dry read. Was surprised at the amount of historical information that went into the writing not perfect but it makes sense. May God Bless us all.


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