11 thoughts on “Most Days At The End Of My Shift Anymore

  1. I gotta tell you this working from home is pretty great. At the end of my work day I usually kick back in my recliner put in my ear buds with some calm music, close my eyes and think about all those people sitting in traffic.


          • Yeah well I’m surrounded by a bunch of wagon burners here so I gotta find some way of dealing with the freak show.

            I’m going to be hard on you now buddy with your new position as blog enforcement.
            I seem to remember that nobody liked the hall monitors back in school.😱


            • Two questions, what the heck is a wagon burner and why are they freaks. I would like to see someone stuff me in a locker… Phil wanted to give me a shiny badge that said Blog Enforcement. I told him I didn’t need “no stinnkking badges…” I did it for altruistic reasons, I can see Phil was getting swamped and upset that his baby was being defiled, so the BIG man that I am, I asked him if I could moderate, because I can moderate well… I did a lot of that on the psych units I worked or better known as babysitting. It is kinda fun being able to spam asswipes…


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