Bad Things Are Coming

If you adjust the speed to 1.25X then this goes faster.

Cliff tends to wander sometimes but there is a lot of good information to digest here if you take the time to watch this.

The CCP is about to take one up the ass economically, Cliff says they are going to reassess the value of gold to try and cover it, that is going to have serious repercussions.

The Vaxxed are already breaking down mentally and can’t think straight anymore, this is going to have a major impact on how shit gets done every day to keep the place going, there are no parts available to repair anything related to transportation either.

Airplanes, Trucks, Busses and Cars already having parts inventory nightmares and this is going to seriously affect the ability to transport food and people.

There are no plans in place yet to even figure out what the hell we need for critical parts nor do we have the manufacturing capability to make them anyway.

Junkyards are going to be making a killing.

Photo by Murilee Martin

The Normies are starting to wake up to the fact that the Cabal was really out to kill everyone and they were high on that list.

The Narrative being pushed so hard by the MSM is breaking down and this is going to cause the Normies to realize that they were indeed targeted, which is going to piss them off.

Stay away from crowds.

There is much more here and it is very much worth your time so you can get the Bigger Picture, get up to speed and maybe even get an idea of what to expect in the near future.

The next three months aren’t going to be pretty, we just need to get past the end of the year.

21 thoughts on “Bad Things Are Coming

  1. yup, saw this shit coming a few years back and moved out in the boonies to get away from
    the morons. that said. the chinks have waged a war against the world for years now.
    by keeping the yuan at rock bottom they managed to uncut everybody else.
    very few things are made here anymore, like the rest of the world, we got sucked into buying
    cheap shit. and this single source crap is beyond stupid ! the so called smart should have seen this
    coming. but they rather make money than protect a nation.
    when the locals realize their “better” have being selling them out for the last 30-40 years.
    then they might take action against the fuckers who made millions and made the rust belt what it is.
    but I really doubt it. dumb fucks will blame trump or someone else
    back in the 1970’s if you went into a hardware store anywhere in the world, you could find tools
    made in the usa. and marked as such too. now, not at all from what i hear from friends overseas.
    we are going to enter hard times and how long it lasts depends on us.


  2. “there are no parts available to repair anything ”
    And when you do get the part, it’s a piece of shit. We bought an alternator for a ford expedition, and the damn thing sounds like the bearing is already shot in it. Took it back and got the money back, the old one is just as good as the new one.

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  3. Only small secrets need to be protected. The large ones have always been kept secret by normies. One of the greatest protectors of the really nasty stuff is a normie saying ‘oh no, no come on, no… that can’t possibly be.’

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    • ” The I can’t believe this is happening , or happening to me…” What? Are you so special shit doesn’t happen to you? You never have been disappointed, betrayed, been mugged or violence perpetrated against you? The same mind set Bone, no overall situational awareness, no common sense, no spider senses… They are dead already.

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      • I’m just trying to cross the river by feeling the stones, hoping [knowing full well that hope isn’t a plan] not to inadvertently stumble into any Cat 5 Chimpouts along the way senior Cederq.


  4. funny. after 10 years of war, the main economy in bosnia was used car parts and used tires. if a car broke down parts were so scarce they just parted it out right where it sat. when you saw a posh new mercedes you knew it was mob. but i had a gun too so….with natural resources etc their economy could be jumping but the mob had hold of everything to the point nobody could afford to pay the gravitas. sad.


  5. check out rock auto. they have parts for damn near everything made. for small parts like bearings
    gave a stock number. there are charts or where charts of interchange bearings made by other
    factories 90% of most big things are made up of small parts- there is where you find parts you need. don’t have a repair shop in your ao? start one up yourself. find a gear head like phil and
    and electronic nerd and have a few beers together, start small, working in your driveway
    i made a lot of money in the 1980’s spinning a wrench in my driveway, cash too, no checks
    did work for barter too. got a great old browning 5 for a head job on a old guy’s truck back then.
    and a bunch of machinists tool from another great old guy, clutch job ,I think.
    and you make really good friends to boot if you treat them fair .used to do a oil change for a 12 pack. tune up, complete for a bit more. and here is where us old farts take a young buck under our
    wing, show him how and why and that he CAN MAKE GOOD MONEY DOING THIS IS A GOOD THING! help out the guy next door with his trailer lights and he brings me beer every week.
    had to tell him to stop as I ran out of room in the fridge !
    maybe we can do everything like we used too, but we can sure teach others how to do it right.
    we need to start networking and building groups to help each other as the fucks in “charge”
    will not. one other thing, saved 100 bucks on a water pipe job running into the house here,
    how ? I fixed the guy’s backhoe starting problem in 10 minutes. he was thanking me for it.
    think !


    • Exactly right on Dave! Barter is one prepper skill that I’m way behind the curve in working on, but it is the way of the future. Some call it a “black market economy”, but it’s a way of life for much of the world, and has been since forever.
      I may be past the ability to work full time at hard labor, but I will then just say “I have skills, and I can teach them!” Right now I’m trying to work up the ambition to replace a kitchen sink faucet. It won’t take that long, but I HATE plumbing.


  6. One example:
    On forums for RecreationVehicle owners such as iRV2, hundreds of reports about newer diesel rigs returned to the dealer after Exhaust Fluid injectors fail.
    Towed back, they sit decomposing in the remote lot… because no replacement parts are available anyplace.


  7. Cliff might be on to something with the vaxxidents, im in wisconsin and i have noticed alot of the wrinkles driving around here like its florida. As far as the guy who couldn’t figure out how to work a pallet jack, probably not vaxx related more likely a combination of inbreeding and thc.


  8. Guys, I think China has been behind movements, mostly environmentalism, that made the cost of doing business in America unaffordable. China pays a few activists to raise hell over a fish, next thing you know whole rivers dump water into the ocean, devastating economies all along the river. Who benefits? China.


  9. I might disagree that the Vaxx is the cause. He is assuming the Vaxx is the cause when plan stupidity and lack of awareness could be the cause. There are a lot of old people running around and they really do not pay attention a lot of the time.

    I think he has the gist of it though.

    As to buying replacement parts from a place like O’Rielys or AutoZone, you need to be aware there are price levels. But the cheapest and it will last 30 days, next level runs 90 days and the highest will actually last. Had a 90’s blazer that like Alternators is how I found out.


  10. RockAuto
    LKQonline – HUGE network of pick and pull salvage yards across the U.S.A. They pull and ship. Even telling you the year and mileage of the source vehicle.


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