The Narrative Changes Yet Again

Mebbe we should just keep trying to kill off all the old fuckers and maybe not the actual health care workers because we might just be needing them after all.

The goal posts are whipping back and forth so fast they are a blur.

This is further proof that they are losing the battles.

8 thoughts on “The Narrative Changes Yet Again

  1. An email I received today. I quit over the ridiculous working conditions related to the fake pandemic – You have been temporarily re-registered to the 2021 pandemic response sub-register.
    Yep, lots of us quit. I won’t be going back. Great website.


  2. The BOLCHEVICS are afraid.
    Every time they try a different tactic, thinking citizens get in the way.
    That may have something to do with our firearms and our amusement at nincompoops… up to a point.


  3. I’ll walk away before I’ll get that shot.

    I’ve already got the booster dose on None Of That Sh*t.

    And FTR, no part of my job involves being an unpaid beta tester for Big Pharma, never has, nor ever will. But anyone trying to make it so will be advised in no uncertain terms exactly where they can stick it.


  4. !!! Urgent !!!
    Watch this before it is censored:

    “Funeral director talks about covid — John O’Looney”
    A funeral-director discusses his years of experience, and his experience since January 2020.
    (keyword — delta variant is the result of the second inoculations, nursing-homes culled the elderly by overdosing a sedative, inoc children sterile?)
    Please, watch the entire thirty something minutes.


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