It’s Been Too Long And Now I’m Hungry

I ran across this picture of someone frying up some Blogna to make sandwiches out of in a thread they were calling Poor People Food.

There be some ignorant people out there, I’m tellin’ ya.

I suddenly realized that it has been so long since I have had one of those that I can’t actually remember when that was, and now I’m hungry.

You don’t actually think for one second that there is any Bologna in this house do you?

Of course not.

Dang it.

38 thoughts on “It’s Been Too Long And Now I’m Hungry

    • One of the basic food groups from living in the South, a think cut fried bologna on a large biscuit with an egg, hunk of cheese, and sometimes shaved ham….all cooked in lard for breakfast? Oh, a climax waiting to happen, far better then any breakfast sandwich from Smack D or Bogger King.


    • Yeah, Dad often had sliced Treet sandwiches at work so those tins were in the house. Brother and I would raid the pantry for ranch meals, and ‘Wetback MREs’ (white bread slices w/ uncooked Treet) were a quick no heat meal. Kept the fly attraction to a minmum – before they became aware of food, it was gone ! No refrigeration required.

      Fried baloney actually sounds pretty good. Slice of cheese and half a tomato sliced to add some bulk.

      Dammit – now I’m hungry …

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  1. My mother would make those for lunches for us in the winter back in the 50’s. In late summer she would sometimes add a sliced tomato, if there were any available from the garden.


  2. Man, haven’t had one since I was a kid. Circle meat sandwiches is what we called them. Fried thin slice balogna, mayo, white bread untoasted, and fritos. Now spam? Had that last week. I generally buy a dozen cans in Hurricane season and then about halfway thru the season with no real issue start into them. Fried almost bacon crisp, wonderful.


  3. don’t worry we wll all be eating poor people food soon enough, in my house it was sugar sandwichies, white bread, butter and sugar…. Weird thing, the bread came fron the local bakery, the butter from the farm – probably healthier than the stuff I eat now.


  4. Boy i used to love fried beloney sandwishes .gramps would get 1/4 roll an slice it thick yum .Now days beef beloney is $4.00 for small amount . littel crisco in iron skillet bam! Hell now days i wouldnt know were my skillets are …Dam none stick crap has taken over . Good day .


  5. If you make 4 cuts about an inch deep distributed around the edges of the baloney they won’t cup like that when fry them and you get that carmelized surface ove the whole slice instead of just the edges. You end up with delicious propellor shaped baloney slices. Belive it or not I learned this from bon appetit’s YouTube channel. Porr people food indeed! Watch and learn:


  6. My Dad used to smoke a big stick of bologna and then we would carve chunks off to eat for a couple of weeks. (Six people could flat wipe out a stick pretty quick).
    The smoked was good cold, or fried… I preferred mine fried with mayo and sliced fresh tomatoes right from the garden…

    MMM MMMM That’s good eatin’


  7. I grew up on this. My mom would by the cheap package kind – like Oscar Meyer. Frying it helped enormously.

    Funny story – we’d go up to Trenton to visit the grandparents, they’d buy cold cuts from the deli, as well as rye bread from the bakery. Actual deli, thin sliced Bologna on rye with actual mayo (my mom would buy miracle whip, it’s why I don’t eat it to this day) was a treat.

    I wandered down memory lane a few years back and bought some from the deli. My kids wouldn’t step in it. Probably because we stocked the house with quality lunchmeat like ham and turkey.

    Funny how kids that are happy to eat a hot dog, even a cheap-ass ballpark frank one, will turn their noses up at Bologna, which is essentially the same, only better.


  8. Just the other day my “much better than me” better half was taking a stroll down Nostalgia Lane … and was reminiscing about fried bologna sammiches. Sammiches, damn it, SAMMICHES.


  9. My WV friend calls fried baloney WV Steak. Lol My mom would by the chunk ends of the stick baloney and grind them up with pickles to make a baloney salad we’d eat for lunch. Yum yum. Had to introduce the grandkids to fried baloney. Nobody in their household has such high falutin taste buds. Lol Thick cut baloney added to the shopping list. Thanks Phil! 👍


  10. A great southern delicacy, fried bologna! Works great at breakfast with your fried eggs if you are out of sausage or bacon. Cheap eating that tastes good. And TechieDude, I prefer Miracle Whip so you can have my share of the mayo and I’ll take your share of the MW. Top it with a homegrown tomato. Yum!


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  12. Don’t forget the good old grilled cheese sandwich with the griddle marks.
    Mamaw and Papaw used to make garden salad with fixins plucked right out of the ground!
    Those times will be back soon in the best demockracy (LOL!) that money can buy.
    Rat kebabs might even taste like chicken if you roast them just right over the 55 gallon drum as part of the Great Reset Leap Forward. At least we’ll all be equal and the same.


  13. Yep. Breakfast for supper once a week as a kid. Also, Vienna sausages when fishing and/or camping. Our hearts sank when Mom would start frying spam for supper. Ketchup covers up a lot of sins.

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    • Yep Vi ainees as my Dad called them, with cheese it’s for our lunch on our local fly fishing trips. Stream in south central Oklahoma for bass and perch. Fly rod was the best way as we tube floated up stream for clean water. Small mouth streams were more fun as they fight better. Water was always cool and not to fast in dead of summer. Dad loved that fly fishing as did I. Colorado was fun as well but did more in Oklahoma.


  14. Damn, all you guys reminiscing about the old days. I can remember weeks and, at least to my young mind, months on end of baked beans, white rice and fried spam or bologna for dinner every night of the week. We all got to clamoring about not again so one evening dad stepped out the back door and dropped a young buck. So then we had baked beans, white rice and fried venison for dinner.

    As much as we complained about it back most of the time our bellies were full and I do have some fond memories of that time in my life.

    You all brought to the forefront some other memories of the mentioned sugar and cinnamon toast. Another one was thick slices of homegrown tomato smothered in salt, homemade venison sticks and fruit leather.

    Dang, now I’m going to have to put in some time on the smoker so it’s ready for this fall and jerking some meat.



  15. Did trays of bologna sandwiches when I worked in food service in college. Would butter one side of the bread, drop on a slice of bologna, a slice of cheese, top that with bread an then roll the butter on the top. Trays when in an oven for time and then on the line for the kiddos. Never had any leftover for some reason.

    Good food.


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