Keep Threatening Me

This is the kind of crap have been putting up with lately.

RIP on  said:Edit

We’re gonna get your blog shut down, big boy. Just wait. You have no idea what we are capable of. You will pay for blocking freedom of speech and intentionally keeping minds closed.

All y’all might not want to be making threats on line but you do you.

In the mean time I now have quite the folder full of IP addresses that go along with this crap that I have been saving.

Like the one that is attached to the little missive from RIP above.


Just because it doesn’t show up on the blog doesn’t mean that I don’t have a copy of every bit of this.

Might want to think about that shit Sunshine.

The internet goes both ways.

20 thoughts on “Keep Threatening Me

  1. Feckless idiots. This is what happens when parents and liberal politicians let the crybabies ‘win.’

    Hope the jerk gets a clue before you have to use a clue-by-4 on said jerk.

    Other than that, it’s fun to sit and watch.

    Looking forward to your next tool-time post. I suffer vicariously through you.


  2. If you are being hosted by a company like WordPress etc. they might be able to get you shut down. Claims of “hate speech” seem to automatically get traction with some of these hosting companies. And the smarter trolls do use VPN’s and proxies so just having an IP address doesn’t always mean much. There is no shortage of leftist bastards out there intent on shutting down ANYONE who doesn’t toe THEIR line.


    • They better make plans to keep busy because I already have at least 4 other blogs already up and running elsewhere that they are going to have to get shut down before they can shut me up and even if they manage that feat I will go private server and they can suck my ass until they choke.


  3. why is everyone thinks that their ideas are the right or only ones allowed ? my dad was a walk away type who didn’t like conflict. a few people made the mistake he wouldn’t fight for his rights
    dear old dad a fucking box of medals from ww2 and the korean mistake (his words, not mine )
    the thing is, there are a lot of guys who are trying to live a good life without all the drama these kids seem to thrive on. dad was a nice guy until he wasn’t. at that point he did not stop. he learned a lot of things the hard way fighting the fucking japs (his words, again )


  4. Phil- they use vpns. As do I. The leftist children discovered vpns two years ago and have wrecked havoc ever since. They got the comments section on a mugshot website shut down last week. Guess it was too much of a liability. Can’t help but think it’s gonna catch up to them, last I heard they were under investigation. I doubt law enforcement will have the authority to go through their phones or social media and charge them for all of their activities but at least there will be some kind of punishment


    • Law enforcement is allowed to confiscate your phone and keep it should laws change. You have to go buy another phone or computer while they keep all evidence in perpetuity….. waiting.


      • Judge has to sign off on the subpoena or search warrant and they don’t if the perp is on the left. Osceola county state attorney is Monique Worrell- she was installed by George Soros. So was Aramis Ayala before her. This group has been at it for two years


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