Done Playing With Teh Stoopit

Comment moderation is back on and will stay on.

I am already talking to someone about migrating this site to another hosting outfit so that the ijits that keep threatening me with deplatforming will have to find something else to do. At this point I don’t care what it costs and it’s something I should have done a long time ago anyway.

Stay tuned, it will take me a day or two to get all this laid out, I am just going to pay someone to migrate the entire blog because there is an absolute shit ton of data that has to move.

When it gets done then these self important jack asses will very quickly find out that no amount of screeching and stomping their widdle feets is going to do them a damn bit of good trying to get me shut down.

So don’t fret that the comment moderation is back on. CederqX will take one shift and I’ll take the other to keep the legit comments posting asap.

The disruptive ones just got shut down and it will soon be permanent.


I do gotta admit that it gives me a huge warm fuzzy knowing that I have obviously scored a few direct hits on these worthless little cunts. Enough that they decided they needed to band together and come after me.

Fuck you assholes, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I’m just getting warmed up.

24 thoughts on “Done Playing With Teh Stoopit

  1. I don’t know what they are on about. The place seems perfectly reasonable to me.
    You didn’t, uh,deny some people who want to use your space their, as they see it,Right to post bullshit in here, did ya?

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      • Well,, I’ll be dammed! I’ve been hanging around here for, phht, I dunno, coupla years? And never thought you, Mr. Because Fuck You, That’s Why, might be even slightly willing to stand tall.

        My English teacher gave the class an assignment to write a sarcastic essay. Yeah,, I got a Really good grade.
        Thanks for not letting this place turn into something where we have to filter through that kinda crap.


    • You twist the rifle (it only works on heavy combat rifles like stuff from WWII and WWI and earlier, and kick the body off. Save the bullets for another target


        • That stands to reason kid. When you read the the comment, note the grammar, note the word usage and syntax, most don’t make sense and they don’t respond appropriately to our reply, just go off on more name calling and slang throwing, much like a canned response from a cheat sheet next to them. They never directly reply to us in a dialogue, just shit slinging…


          • Cederq, truth be told, I haven’t read one of their comments for well over 15 years now. As soon as I see one of the libtard keywords off I go, 20 years or so ago, I engaged them in comment sections, stock message boards, etc. I came to realize it was an utter waste of time and energy. I remember once, I got one to admit they were wrong, but they were back with the same inane bullshit the very next day.
            The true libtard (a clinical term) has a mental disease that is impervious to logic, respect, open mind or anything that is required to have a two way. But paid or not, they’re all the same level of worthless.

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  2. Trying to silence someone is actually high flattery, it means your ideas are superior to hive mind egalitarian turds who tremble in fear at any original thought outside of the conformity box.


  3. Hey Phil, I apologize if I added to the bullshit by baiting beavis the other day. I know a person shouldn’t feed the trolls but sometimes it just becomes an itch that needs to be scratched.

    You’ve got a great blog and a lot of folks find it entertaining and informative. If you need to payola to help with the migration, if it comes to that, put out the hat so we can help.

    Keep up the good work.


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  4. Good on you Mr. phil.

    I don’t know what use I may be but if I can help some way I will. You see. I used to be a productive and high paying taxpayer. Now, after two heart attacks and a double amputation I am just an oxygen waster in a wheelchair. This has given me time to think…and I mean THINK. The time is available to process the works of the old, dead, white dead gender guys…you know, Jefferson, Madison etc. I was always to the right, but new ideas have been introduced to me and I realize my ideas aren’t so new. They have been with all thinking men since time immerorial.

    Tomorrow I have to go out which I rarely do. Multiple stops and bus rides requiring a mask. Each mask has been marked with a sharp ie BFYTY. Wonder if anyone will ask??

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