53 thoughts on “Bustednuckles.net

  1. Phil,

    This is the URL I have been using to get to the site: Page not found | Bustednuckles (temp.domains)

    The link in the email below returns a 404 Not Found error:

    [cid:image002.png@01D7BAE8.F71D98D0] When I use the URL from my Browser (MS Edge), I get the below screen

    If I knew anything about WEB programming I would help with what I can, but I am completely worthless even though I do work in IT (I’m a Project Manager).

    You can keep bouncing things off me any time. If it helps to text me I can be reached at 480-544-4457. I’m in Arizona. I will do whatever I can to help you.

    RightInAZ (Mark Haskin)



    • Sorry. Didn’t mean to post that comment. Was not getting to your new site and thought to try to e-mail an answer “just in case.” You might want to change the setting that allows everyone to post a comment via e-mail.


  2. I came over from Irish’s. thevulgarcurmudgen.wordpress.com. All seems well so far. Looks and acts just like you’re old place.


  3. Bustednuckles. net aint workin. says page doesn’t exist. It looks like your page but there are obviously some bugs that need worked out. Patience. You’ll sort it out, I’m sure.


  4. This is my official request for you to stop posting about me and my friends. Continuing to post about us will constitute as stalking and be punishable under law.


    • Let me get this straight, you and your jackal friends show up here and start threatening me, my wife and my readers and now you think you can just turn it off?
      I’ll tell you what you can do Anthony, you can go fuck yourself.


      • Please seek help for the hate-filled ideologies that consume you. A therapist can help you break away from the GOP cult. I fear for you and others like you that live in a world of conspiracy theories. This is my final request for you to stop contacting me.


  5. This is my official request for you to stop posting about me and my friends. Continuing to post about us will constitute as stalking and be punishable under law.


    • This is my official notice to you that you have come to my place and threatened me with my life threatened my wife with the arrest and threatened false accusations of rape you do not get to dictate anything to me.
      The very fact that you are still coming around here is evidence of your harassment towards me.
      If you or any of the rest of your little friends ever post to any of my blogs again I will take legal action.


  6. I can’t get to the new page unless I go to Irish’s blog and click on the link he has, and I have tried everything else I know. And when I do click through, there is a large space between the header and the top post.


  7. Linked in from Patriot aggregator using locked down legacy browser, haven’t tried it in the evil browser and earlier some pages wouldn’t load in that browser that shouldn’t be used anyway.
    It is the same group of rump ranger ass clown queefgoblins disrupting Int Rep and this page.
    Why not go to the Disney page or look at some tranny porn, there is nothing for you here and we don’t give a rat’s ass about Banjo Lip Mooncrickets or your fweewings.


  8. I went to bustednuckles.com and the header with the flag and barbed wire comes up – with the message, “We can’t find what you’re looking for.”


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