You Are One Step Away From The New Home Page

Hopefully I am all done moving around.

You can find me OVER HERE NOW.

I finally got the domain name thing straightened out.

Please update your blogrolls and bookmarks.

It’s been one hell of a journey but I’m hoping it’s over. With the move to the new digs my worries about waking up some morning to find that my blog has disappeared because some fucking cunt got their panties twisted in a knot and got all butthurt over something I posted here are over forever.

On top of that, all the comments are moderated over there and the Trolls will be running face first right into a brick wall. They will never get their bullshit posted.


2 thoughts on “You Are One Step Away From The New Home Page

  1. Hey Phil and Kevin…. as of evening east coast time Jan 8 2022 the new coldfury dot com page is inaccessible. Last post from you I was able to access was the “sunshine is the best disinfectant” troll shit-storm sometime Saturday morning. What gives?


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