That’s Just Embarrassing

Somebody needs a whole lot more motor.

more motor


One Of Those Defining Moments In Life

I have liked music since I was a small child and grew up with the 60’s and 70’s music.

Pretty much all of it was “Pop” music because that was all I had available to me, whatever was playing on the radio.

In the late 60’s and very early 70’s, I lived in Portland Oregon and they had the latest shit man, all hip and up to date so I got to hear stuff like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly, all kinds of good shit.

Even at 10 years old I liked the hard stuff man.

Then we moved back to Coos Bay Oregon, a small logging town on the South West coast that shared a city border with North Bend.
Back in the late 50’s and early 60’s, it was the largest lumber exporting port in the entire world.

There was no end of Red Necked motherfuckers everywhere you looked and when it came to music on the radio you did have a couple of choices.
Country, Western or both.
It used to drive me fucking crazy.
They didn’t even have an FM station until the 70’s I don’t think.

By the late 70’s even Eugene Oregon had gotten hip as it were because it’s a college town so they had a couple of pretty decent FM stations.
The problem was that you couldn’t get reception during the day but at night, if you were lucky and it wasn’t fading in and out too bad, you could catch up with the latest tunes.
I can remember walking around upstairs at my Grandmothers house with my portable radio trying to keep the station from fading out, listening to stuff that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Finally, around 78 or so, little Coos Fucking Bay got a radio station that started playing modern popular music and every once in a while the DJ would slip one in for us youngsters.

Then it happened.

Out of a clear blue sky one day as I was listening to the radio this tune came on that I had never heard before and it was like a gift from God to me personally.

I couldn’t believe my fucking ears.
Serious, hard core, HEAVY FUCKING METAL.
I about shit a ring around myself it was so good.
The trouble was that I didn’t catch either the name of the song or the name of the band, the song had just started when I first tuned in and when it was over they just went straight to the next 70’s tune in the rotation.
I was freaking out trying to find out who played it.

I remember I listened to that radio station all that day until they went off the air when it got dark and then tuned the sonsabitches in as soon as I woke up the next day to see if they would play it again.

Finally, late in the afternoon I heard it again and I was just beside myself.
Some band I had never heard of and a really strange name for the song.
I wrote that shit down and drove straight to the local record store across town to see if they had it. It’s a good thing too because that radio station never played it again as far as I know.
The dufus fuck at the record store had absolutely no idea what the fuck I was talking about when I showed him what I was looking for.
I finally pleaded with the dumb bastard hard enough that he got on the phone and made a long distance call somewhere to get the catalog number and agreed to order the album for me and the rest is history.
I have been a Head Banging Heavy Metal Maniac ever since.

The name of that song?

Green Manilishi With A two Prong Crown.

Told ya it was a weird name.

The name of the band?

Judas Priest.
You may have heard of them since then.

The DJ had been playing a live version of the song off their then latest album, Unleashed In The East.
I still have that album.

When I heard this it was all over for me, it was Metal Forever after that.

There Be Scumbags In Our Hood

Besides me.

I rousted out way too damn early this morning again just like all of last week. I can’t seem to get 8 hours of sleep to save my life lately.
Since I was up and had gotten a couple of cups of coffee in me, I decided to go take care of some business before it crept up on me, like it usually does, and head over to Wally World and then hit the Goodwill.
I am still looking for a cheap 120 volt motor for the old table saw the neighbor gave me last Summer and you aren’t going to find one any cheaper than that out fit.
No luck there so I wandered back home to see what other mischief I could get into.
Like there is a shortage of that.

As I got about thirty feet from the driveway I noticed the trunk was half open on the kid’s car sitting out front.

I pulled in the driveway and see that the hood isn’t latched either.
I hadn’t noticed on my way out.
So I went in the house to let him know but he was in the shower so I told the wife and went out in the garage to start making a new mess or at least rearrange one of the old ones.
I had the garage door up and pretty soon here he comes.
He sticks his head in the trunk and mutters something, gets in the thing and looks around then gets out and opens the hood up.
Then he shuts the hood and starts back in the house.

“They took my battery” he says.
The one I just put new cable ends on for a couple of weeks ago if I remember correctly.

There was a brand fucking new stereo sitting on the passenger seat, a couple of bucks in change and some other shit and they didn’t even touch it.
Just the battery.

So, of course, I had to dig through my shit, find a junk battery to use for a core charge and then haul his ass up to the same tire shop I have already been to twice in the last two weeks to buy batteries from and get another one.
The core battery I had wasn’t really junk but it was twice as big as the one out of his car so of course it wouldn’t fit and I got it for nothing so I wasn’t really out anything there.
$120 later, it’s back to the house to put it in.

Whoever the cocksucker was that took it was at least considerate enough not to just hack the cables off with cable cutters and fuck me there. That would have been ugly.
They actually took the time to take the battery holder off, take the clamps off and leave all the hardware just sitting there. Right in front of the house and there is a street light directly across the street.

Ballsy motherfuckers took their sweet ass time in other words.

This happened some time last night, about 25 feet from where I am sitting and I fell asleep in my chair last night and didn’t hear a fucking thing.
This isn’t the first time some lowlife has tried ripping off shit out of our cars either and the kid is usually pretty good about locking his doors.
Last night he didn’t and here we are.

I didn’t say a fucking word either.

I’m pretty sure he was waiting for it and I’m also pretty sure he learned something the hard way. No need to rub it in the way I see it.

My wife constantly gives me shit because I lock my old El Camino all the time so I made pains to point out that the battery was still in my fucking car when I told her I had to take him up and get a new battery.
I just replaced hers last week and those fuckers ain’t cheap any more.

This isn’t some low rent district we are in, we live in a pretty decent neighborhood and I would bet money that all my neighbors consider us to be the worst ones on the block.

It’s kind of surprising in a way, a few weeks ago a former Vancouver Mayoral candidate blasted some other thievin’ bastard and killed him less than a mile from here right in his back yard.

Word must not have got around to the ones in my hood.

That’s Some Fine Police Work There Boys

Fuckin’ derps trying to bust each other in undercover drug ops and then wind up pulling heat and punching each other?

Yep, fine work boys.



Detroit police officers fight each other in undercover op gone wrong

DETROIT (WJBK) – A case of the good guys going after the good guys.

There is now an Detroit Police Department internal investigation into two different precincts getting into their own turf war as they converge on an east side neighborhood.

Neighbors who live on Andover on Detroit’s east side will be the first to tell you this area is known for constant drug activity.

“(It is) definitely drug problem for years, it has been a drug problem,” said one resident. “I don’t think anyone can stop it.”

On Thursday Detroit police certainly tried, but maybe too hard.

Sources say it started when two special ops officers from the 12th Precinct were operating a “push off” on Andover near Seven Mile. That is when two undercover officers pretend to be dope dealers, waiting for eager customers to approach, arresting potential buyers and seizing their vehicles.

But this time instead of customers – special ops officers from the 11th Precinct showed up. Not realizing they were fellow officers, they ordered the other undercover officers to the ground.

FOX 2 is told the rest of the special ops team from the 12th Precinct showed up, and officers began raiding the drug house in the 19300 block of Andover. But instead of fighting crime, officers from both precincts began fighting with each other.

Sources say guns were drawn and punches were thrown while the homeowner stood and watched. The department’s top cops were notified along with Internal Affairs. One officer was taken to the hospital.

Each officer involved is now under investigation – as the department tried to determine what went wrong.

“You have to have more communication,” said the resident. “I don’t understand what happened about that – communicate.”

FOX 2 is told one of the units had body camera video that detailed the entire incident. That is now part of the internal investigation and we are working to get our hands on it.

We’re told top brass doesn’t plan to comment on this until next week.

One Of The Many Reasons Why I Quit Working On Cars For A Living Many Years Ago


You see that fucking reservoir behind the front wheel?

Now you see what it takes to get to that sonofabitch too.
Dirty fucking bastards.
There is shit like that all over these newer cars and it started a long time ago.
I quit working on cars for a living back in 1999 and they were nightmares then, I can only imagine the bullshit you have to go through to get to components these days. Take half the damn car apart to get to one bolt hidden behind six different things.
To this day I still have special tools I had to buy to work on those fucking Fords and every damn one of them is obsolete now.