While I Was Sleeping

I see the Trolls came out to play.

Let me tell you something.

Threatening the cops on people here is a Big Fucking No No.

I have already blocked the worst two so far and I am going to spend some more

time going through looking for the rest of them when I get a chance.

I just got woke up, slammed a couple of gulps of coffee and hit the shower because I have a dentists appointment and then work again.

Here’s a word to the wise to you Trolls,.

You had your chance and you couldn’t play nice.

When you figure out I have blocked your ass from commenting here and decide to try using a different Email?

Naw Holmes.

It literally takes me five seconds to find the comment , move it to the Spam filter and block your ass again.

I can do that shit all day long too.

You may sneak in when I am asleep like last night but as soon as I get up and get going, the culling will begin.

Go shit in your own back yard.

80 thoughts on “While I Was Sleeping

  1. Good on ya Phil! I realize it takes some effort on your part, and I thank you for it because it keeps your comment threads readable and worth plowing through. There’s a few regulars I look forward to every time because they’re that good. There’s been a lot of other comment threads I no longer waste any time on just because of the trolls and flame wars. Forums like Lucciane and Sundance can afford IT staff to moderate their sites, but most of the one man shops can’t.

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  2. Hey Phil, don’t care if you post this or not, its a heads up for you.

    fuck the shills and their glowie agent provocateurs.

    the gangstalker network in my ao upped the anti this weekend. also 2 new rural acclimation groups showed up, added to the 3 been here almost a year.
    they all have Virginia accents, some still running Va. tags, the assholes did a tour for the newbies and stopped out on the road near the house, got out, did question and answer session, then a debrief on the tour, with a pep talk/welcome to the network at the end.
    been watching them earlier. when they parked up I hoofed it around thru the woods, set up in a nice spot to listen and get pics. pretty amazing what i listened to. these are American’s, or rather amerikan’s. the inherent hate and sense of destiny they are our rulers is always something to wrap the ol’ noodle around even when its first hand direct knowledge.

    the last few weeks the gangstalkers who been regulars for months working our area stepped up their disruption activity. sometimes dozens of vehicles with wide open pipes, going WOT by peoples homes, three nights in a row one truck dragging a carhauler they had laid 4×8 pieces of sheetmetal in, driving fast over these one lane rough dirt goat paths, with open popes, amazingly loud, it wakes the dead at 2 am, along with highly aggressive cruising up and down what roads we have here, heaving large bags of trash out of fast moving vehicles so it produces a wide spread pattern as they bust open, staging fake tailgate parties across from folks homes all hours of the night, running nigger rap with the deep base boom boom dialed to the max, creating all sorts of noise, slamming vehicle doors and tail gates, bats and shovels banging pieces of sheetmetal, steel drums, tooting horns, etc.
    it is pretty amazing watching them going at it. you have to personally see it with your eyes to believe it, to understand there are adult grown looking people doing this stupid shit.
    amazing there is so much reckless hate.
    but knowing it really is real and this network exists, that its everywhere, behind all this crazy shit going on, is a great boon to coming to rational logical terms with it and not falling for the traps they are created for to fuck with us and fuck with our heads so we are easily destroyed.

    we see it as techniques employed to stress out all us native good folks living here, disrupt order and peace, fuck with serenity of place and community, cause and create worry, fear and unsettling sense of loss of stability and security.
    same head fucking the whole annteefah/blm gangstalker bullshit is for in the cities, same fear mongering, the same yellow media weaponizing everything.
    Weaponizing Fear. Get people to take council from their fears, makes them suckers, easier to manipulate and control.

    these gangstalkers operating around our area are so blatantly patently obvious.
    none of them are from around here, belong here, have family or friends and nobody local knows who they are. they truly stick out.
    our county is about 3/4 size of Rhode Island, with a tad over 2000 families living in it. its about as rural east of the mississipi as can be found, we have only 4 Deputy Sheriff’s for the entire county, they have told us they are helpless to stop this, they bust the fuckers, within an hour they are walking out the front door giving them the finger and laughing.
    they went to lengths to let many of us know, they know all of us as good people, how they never have to worry about us and have appreciated us for it, our decent way of life, going on to tell us, it’s time we must take care of things ourselves.

    another aspect of raising the anti, right out of the marxist terrorist handbook, its right on cue in the politicization of everything, it getting near about time for the next stage of “protracted struggle.”
    this change in strat-tac points to 2nd stage early phase two, (3 phases in each of the 3 stages), ie, increasing the aggressive physical activity, no targeting individuals for direct action, ( targeted kill hits), lots of ramped up disruptive and disturbing action all hours, typically during dark.
    the intent at this stage, once these teams have acclimated to the rural conditions, this draws out the white supremacists reactionaries and other white “fascists”, providing further intell of the local inhabitants, and for constructing direct action targeting lists.

    It is only a matter of timing these blacbloc operations would follow the handbook involving rural operations, they have to control the rural areas at some point, step up the rural direct action, now, as the metro and shit-holes are mostly under direct network control. neo-bolshevik direct action. you can just see the obots directing this from on high.
    The first direct action of these new rural acclimation groups once they settle in, going by the handbook, is job one, determining who are the “extremist white supremacists” in the community, in their strategy, rank as enemy number one on the targeting list, for further direct action operations, and determining the break down in patriarchal and agrarian order, associations, who attends which local parish, if any who is organized resistance and or gauging threat levels, natural community leaders, etc.

    another heads up too Phil,
    looks like another possible round of bad think alt-blogsphere elimination, the insects at WP memory holed Anonymous Conservative last night between midnight and 3:30am, EST.
    Haven’t heard of any-other’s, but they usually will memory hole 2 or 3 together.

    AC’s alt-adresses:

    BFYTW buddy.

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  3. The one named Militza gave her address. That address is in Kissimmee, Osceola county. I know the cops in that area very well. Went to high school with a bunch of them.
    Name: Militza Jeanette Mercedez
    Address: 1717 Freeman Dr
    Kissimmee, FL 34744
    DOB: 3/18/1993
    White Female 5′ 3″


    • I just talked to hector sweetie told him u were stalking me he a sheriff😊 oh and there might be a Facebook of u sweetie wit death threats. Looks like ur gonna get arrested sweetie. Now leave me the hell alone thank u.😊


        • Lmao cops are dumb ass niggas they arrest whoever I want them to. I just tell them u were threatening me oh and guess what all my girls witnessed it too so it’s all of us against one. Now leave me the hell alone sweetie thank u.😊


          • For the love of God, please just shut the fuck up. You are as annoying as Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein and Corrine Brown, without any of the intelligence.
            Or, well, if you want to continue this wonderful discussion as to trolls (that would be you Miss Mercedez) then please try to use cogent statements and reasonably acceptable American Bubba English, rather than your gutter-tramp pidgin.
            For someone who lives in Florida, you sure do sound like the turd-flies I have to listen to at the local Publix.


      • I dont care. If you come at me, have your shit in one sock. I literally know most of the cops in that county. I grew up there. I trained many of them. Good luck with your false reports and falsifying evidence.


          • It won’t help unfortunately. Her and her Jussie Smollett fan club wrecked havoc on several trump supporters that I used to work with. The reedy creek police and the Osceola county police don’t seem to care one bit.


                • This is how I know all of you are full of crap. Reedy Creek isn’t a city, it is an improvement district. That means they don’t have police, all they can have as a special taxing district is a fire department. The Orange County Sheriff provides police services on Disney property.


                  • I’ve never understood the legalities of it myself. But there are reedy creek police, Back when they were causing havoc on Disney property they directed all complaints to reedy creek. We were threatened with termination if we spoke with any officer who wasn’t reedy creek. Have you ever worked at Disney?


                    • Disney uses both off duty Orlando cops and, the last I heard, has a contract with Orlando PD to provide security. So, I suspect that it’s better considered “Reedy Creek Security” (even if they call themselves police), and it’s manned by Orlando PD off and on duty.


                  • Too many replies, and these become unreadable. One or two letters per line. OK, for those of you who are not from the Orlando area: Walt Disney World is NOT in Orlando. The closest part of Disney property is 7.5 miles from Orlando. All of Disney property lies in unincorporated Orange County. That means that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is the law enforcement agency for Disney. There is no Reedy Creek Police Department. Yes, I worked at Disney. My son was a firefighter for Reedy Creek. I was a firemedic in a nearby department, and ran more than a few calls in the Reedy Creek area. I have lived in the Orlando area for most of my life, and spent nearly 3 decades running 911 calls in that area. Most of the cops and firefighters in that area are former coworkers, friends, and high school classmates. Don’t take my word for it, read the Sheriff’s own webpage:



                    • I mean, our complaints were being intentionally buried to protect the Disney image. It would have been a public relations disaster if the media found out that Disney workers bullied a coworker to suicide.


  4. What poleece the USPF? (sarc) The 404th internet police? (not found)
    The cops don’t care and you are on your own, people who read these blogs already know this.
    I’ve had several family members who were police and they got tired of being baby sitters for Jaden and Karen.
    Go read another blog or if you wait patiently Uncle Joe will charge up your EBT card and you can get another round of 5000 calorie fill up or some purple hair dye.


  5. Look at the bright side. You’re aggravating the shit out of some of the “Unicorn Riders”! “Dont mess with me! I am MMA!” Mental Midgets of America.


  6. You really should not be looking into the mirror when you make the attempt to send your boyfriend a text.
    It really makes you look silly to the world. When you grow up and are able to grasp the difference between free speech and simply being an annoying douche canoe come back and make an insightful comment.

    I swear, the shit that leaks out of condoms grows some fucked up creatures…….

    That Motherfucker Bert


  7. I just sent myself messages and used Phil’s pic of him with the middle finger so it looks like he’s a crazy angry white supremacist.🥰 I told the police crazy Trump supporters were threatening me and saying they were going to rape me.🥰


  8. I have an idea. Republicans- don’t bully people and there won’t be any problems. Not too hard to understand.🙄 I proudly stand against racism, homophobia, white supremacy, and all of the other ideologies which stem from hate and threaten to tear down our democracy.


    • I have an idea. Democrats and other leftists – quit assuming someone is something just out of appearances. Try judging them by the content of their character rather than from some vague parameters due to genetic makeup and such.
      Seriously, the most racist and bigoted people I’ve ever seen, the most homophobic and most ‘racially pure’ people, have been people on the left.
      Right wingers generally have one damn thing they judge people by – Can and will you do your damned job without causing a problem. Don’t care if you speak English only or some foreign gibberish, can you function and fit in to the overall society? Can you do your job and bring positive value to said job? Can you not drag all your social issues and psychological issues into work and fuck up the job?
      If you can just do your damned job without causing any problems, the ‘Evil Republicans and other evil right-wingers’ will leave you alone. Heck, they’ll start talking to you, laughing with you, pointing out when you’re a dumbass when you are actually a dumbass and not hold it against you if you learn from it.
      But bring up your issues and your pseudo-sexual brand of mental health issues and we’ll cut you out. Not because we don’t want to help you, but because by doing that reverse racism and mental health issues will affect our ability to do our damned jobs.
      Donald “The Worst Hitler Ever” Trump has a Jewish daughter and son-in-law and grand children. He actually went to war with Democrats in Palm Beach County in order to allow Jews and non-whites to attend and belong to his country club (which was democrat owned and run and excluded Jews and non-whites…)
      And the reason so many of us like Donald Trump? Because he’s like us, just with more money. Do your job and you’ll be part of the solution. Don’t do your job and you’re part of the problem. Simple as that.
      Can you do your damned job without causing too much problems? Can you, punk?

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    • Anthony Gino Del Fiacco: Can you provide current instances of republicans bullying people? Also, can you actually articulate what you mean by “white supremacy”? Folks like you are what is tearing down our democracy as you do not want a democracy, you want a totalitarian state forcing your reprobate values (what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong) on everyone else.


      • I am a Republican but it is clear you were bullying those who were just wishing to share their opinions on this blog. This entire blog is an example of bullying. It is disturbing the way opposing perspectives are shamed and belittled into silence.


        • Have a nice day and move along then. Ain’t no sweat off my balls. If you actually knew the whole story you would know that they have attacked this and other blogs before and have stated outright that their intentions are to have us deplatformed. I am merely defending myself and my blog. I also had nothing to do with any retaliatory actions other than to delete the comments and block the attackers. Fuck them and fuck you if you don’t like it.


    • Not a fan at all. This man represents the rot of our country, and so do you. Black Lives Matter. I may just be one man but I can use my voice in this moment to make a difference. I stand against everything this blog stands for.


      • Do you suck dick Gauno Del Fuckio? Because you sure do have a pretty mouth…Too bad all of your bowel lives matters don’t stand in front of our redneck pick ups so we we rot can teach you some long lived manners.


        • Anthony Gino Del Fiacco: Lives in the Orlando Area, has FB and LinkedIn, Graduated U of Minn, currently a cast member at Disney. Looks like you’d expect for a noodle armed dressed as a elf soyboi.
          Damn these people are stupid…


          • Cast member at Mauschwitz?

            I probably shouldn’t mention the senior Disney execs I have on speed dial here at WDCorp HQ in Burbank, who’d love to see his nonsense here.

            Maybe I should just look him up on The Hub, and work upwards from there.

            Say bye bye to your cast member job, Anthony. Maybe you can get a job somewhere else when the dust settles.

            Maybe not.


            • Not sure about CA but they’ve done a great job of protecting liberal antifa/BLM bullies here in Orlando. The things this crew has gotten away with…


            • If you follow up on this- let them know that WDW cast members were misled into believing there was a reedy creek police dept. Kathy Jo Dolan proprietor of operations at Hollywood Studios. She led a massive cover up involving this crew. Two years ago. They think they’re untouchable. I can name more names and give more details. Let me know. Thanks.


      • If Black Lives Matter, then:
        Blacks would be against Abortion, since it overwhelmingly kills blacks and black-mixed children.
        Blacks would rise up against OTHER BLACKS who are killing and raping and ruining Blacks.
        Blacks would encourage the education and development of black children so they can rise above the station in which they were born.
        Blacks would condemn the Rap Thug Culture that places women in a tertiary role behind Black Men and their stuff.
        Blacks would condemn the rape culture that exists within the black culture.
        Blacks would attack the lack of marriage and fathers (whether married or unmarried) involved in their childrens’ lives.
        Blacks would attack the criminal blacks that overwhelmingly cause most of the violent crimes and murders and serious thefts and arsons and ‘reported hate crimes.’ (Seriously, get some damned edumacation so you can fake a hate crime at least a little better than what we see now)
        Blacks would stop faking hate crimes against themselves. Seriously, most of the arsons committed against ‘Black Churches’ that is listed as ‘hate crime.’
        And… Black people would quit ganging up any other Black that tries to rise up and not be part of the negative black culture. Like Clarence Thomas. His accuser in his Supreme Court confirmation trial was a black chick with a story so totally implausible it wasn’t even up to National Enquirer or World News Daily levels of stupidity.
        A while ago, back in the 60’s, some dude said something about judging the person by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.
        All lives matter. Or do they? According to the actual facts, Blacks don’t like other blacks, being the predominate cause of murders of black people. And, by percentage, Blacks don’t like Asians or Whites in a far larger portion than say, Asians and Whites hating Blacks. Why? Because predominately Blacks kill far more whites than whites kill whites or whites kill blacks. Seriously, look it up. Who kills more white women? Blacks. Who kills more white guys? Blacks. Who kills more black women? Blacks. Who kills more black men? Blacks.
        By inference, Blacks don’t think any lives matter except for whomever is holding the gun, the club, the knife, the closed fist.
        BLM is a KNOWN MARXIST-SOCIALIST GRIFT. Meaning, it is one big con job covered by the drape of Marxist-Socialism. One of the key tenets of Marxist-Socialism is to divide the masses and let them fight against each other, rather than the people who are actually in charge.
        Got that? You and your BoweLmovesMatter fellows and fellowettes are being used. How many houses did the ‘founder’ of BLM buy using BLM funds? Hmmm?


        • Who kills the most Black men? Black women, their abortion rate is through the roof.

          As an example, 2018 New York State Vital Statistics reported there were 32,087 live births, 1,987 miscarriages but 22,604 abortions (40% of all pregnancies). For comparison there were a total of 22,258 Black deaths from all other causes in the state.

          Black Women kill the most Blacks, at least in New York State for 2018

          Planned Parenthood must be proud


        • So much deflection from the actual issue at hand. All of the so-called issues with Black culture that you mentioned are directly caused by institutional racism.

          Bringing Martin Luther King Jr. into the argument is such a typical, tired, cliché right-wing tactic. Clarence Thomas is a useful token for the right which is used to justify white supremacy. People like Clarence Thomas are actually even worse than people like you (I’m assuming you’re white) because they legitimize white supremacy.

          There is nothing wrong with “Marxist-Socialism”. That’s kind of, um, the whole point. Try to keep up, big boy.

          Not sure why I’m even bothering to comment, because the moderators are going to delete my comment because they want to keep minds closed, even though I have not threatened anyone.


      • Anthony Gino Del Fiacco: Black lives matter? To who? Certainly not to black folks considering they kill each other at a rate of 8-12 times that of whites. That is as farcical as saying property rights of others matter to black folks. Are you really this ignorant or just trolling?


  9. Man, the more things change, the more they are the same. Back in the 1980s and 1990s even before the “internet,” there was usenet and bitnet. And on these, there were a whole bunch of discussion groups, organized by topic. There was a bunch of people who hung around a newsgroup called “alt.syntax.tactical” They got their jollies from making inappropriate posts to various other groups just to watch the uproar. So, for instance, they would post “experiences” in killing, cooking, and eating cats to “rec.pets.cats,” which would, of course, infuriate the pet lovers. After causing massive disruption, they would then move on to a different group and tear it apart.
    At the time, most of these groups were unmoderated, so there wasn’t a lot one could do except ignore them. As a Neal Stephenson wrote in Cryptonomicon in 1999:
    “Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker’s game because they almost always turn out to be — or to be indistinguishable from — self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time.”


  10. This is fun. I wonder how many more ‘profiles’ Ms. Menendez will comment under.
    The more I ponder the situation, the more I believe Ms. Menendez/ Ms. P(something)/Mr. BLMer are all the same person, and most likely some dumb fat fuck living in his mom’s laundry room.

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  11. They are attempting to infiltrate any group that has a following, no matter how non political it is.
    My friend does remote control airplanes and was flying planes with a group of people while a stranger with a plane came along and immediately went into left wing politics while feeling out what each persons views were.
    Same with fly fishing, these people are nuts (the infiltrators). They want to control any group because they are afraid that people might have independent thoughts, that are double plus not good.
    It is total war for the mind.


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