RIP Vinny Paul Abbot, Former Pantera Drummer

And Dime Bag Darrell’s brother, dead at 54 years old.
That’s too fucking young man.
Pantera was cutting edge Metal back in the day.

How notable is this passing?
CNN even has an article up about it.

(CNN)Vinnie Paul, drummer and founding member of the metal band Pantera, has died, the band announced on Facebook.

“Vincent Paul Abbott aka Vinnie Paul has passed away,” the band said.
Paul, 54, also was known for his work as a drummer for the metal band Hellyeah.
No further details are available at this time.
“The family requests you please respect their privacy during this time,” the band said.
Paul formed Pantera in the 1980s with his brother, guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott. Their father was Jerry Abbott, a country and western songwriter and producer.
The band was nominated for Grammys in 1995 and 2001.
Pantera’s third release, “Far Beyond Driven,” debuted at No. 1 in 1994.
The band dissolved at the end of a tour in 2003 amid much speculation of a rift between band members. The two brothers, however, played down any bitterness during an interview with CNN in 2004.
“We had 13 years of really, really good success. And basically the singer wanted to move on, do some other things and really lost his focus,” Paul said at the time.
Darrell Abbott was shot and killed in 2004 during a concert in Columbus, Ohio, with his new band Damageplan. A 25-year-old man stormed the stage, killing him and three others.

I figured this one was appropriate for the sad occasion,


Dammit, I’m Running Out Of Teeth!


Criminy, I had to have another one pulled yesterday and still have one more up front  to go that had already been broken, they put a pin in it and a crown on it and THAT fucker broke off last year.

Of course it broke off right at the gum line so they are going to have to dig that fucker out which means I have at least one more tooth pulling joy ride in the dentists chair to look forward to.

Yay, I’m really looking forward to that.

There wasn’t a damn thing wrong with the one they pulled yesterday. Didn’t hurt, worked OK but the last dentist showed me an X-ray last Summer that showed that the bone of my upper jaw had disintegrated from around it so it wasn’t attached to anything anymore.

I had been working on that bitch for two weeks trying to get it loose enough to pull myself but no dice. It yarded out a chunk of my gum when it came out even though it was so fucking loose it was basically just flopping around in there.

It was on the upper right, right behind my canine.

So, since I already had both upper and lower teeth on that side missing from right behind that one,on both fucking sides,plus the two back lower molars they broke off and yanked out on that side a month or so ago, now I have just two fucking teeth on the right side.

Both of them are upper molars and one of those fuckers has been broke for a long time.

That means I can’t chew a fucking thing on the right side anymore because there ain’t no molars on the bottom at all.

I’m just loving getting old.

Damned if I know what I am going to do about getting some kind of chompers back there yet, probably a partial.

Whatever the hell is the cheapest for damn sure.

Have You Noticed The Trending Uproar From Certain Quarters About The Illegal Immigrant Children?

There is a bombshell of a story that they are absolutely desperate to hide and are doing everything they can to distract everyone away from it. Read on.

They are all over the media, wailing about how fucking horrible it is that Trump is tearing these poor innocent babies away from their loving mothers.

Yeah, the illegal immigrant mothers.

They didn’t seem to have a problem when Bill Clinton had his minions do this, did they?

Elian Gonzales

They don’t have a problem with the murder of millions of unborn babies either.

Why is it that all of a sudden, they are so fixated on the welfare of children?


Skip the chattering and go to 1:57 of this video and pay close attention to what she says.

The Clinton Foundation and alleged crimes against children.


It’s coming, they know it’s coming and they are desperate to deflect away from it.

It’s not going to help.

This has been floating around for a couple of years now and has been successfully suppressed so far.

That is about to change and it is absolutely, fucking, huge.


The (alleged) pedophile scandal of the century is about to break.


Best stock up on popcorn.

A Little Justice

See this cat?


This cat is an asshole.

This cat ain’t happy either.

Him not being happy makes me happy.

A couple of my kids came over yesterday for a BBQ and my boy brought my 6 year old Grandson over.

In case you haven’t been around any 6 year old boys lately, they are like the Tasmanian Devil.

The kid no more than hit the door when the cat laid eyes on him and immediately fled to the highest part of a 5 1/2 foot tall cat perch, stayed there and glowered at that kid the entire time he was here.

You can’t see him in the picture because I had him back away so I could take it but the little guy had just been right there tormenting the fucking cat.

The cat being treed made sure he wasn’t sharpening his claws on my work boots or yowling like a panther for no good fucking reason.

I’m gonna have to have the little dude come over more often.