The Difference Between Canadian Cops And American Para Military Law Enforcement Thugs In One Story

I can guarantee you that this story would have a very different ending if this had happened anywhere inside the borders of our country.

Toronto police officer draws praise for refusing to shoot van suspect

Matt Scuffham

canadian van

TORONTO (Reuters) – A Toronto police officer who refused to shoot the man suspected of plowing a van into crowds of pedestrians on Monday, killing 10 people, was praised for restraint in the face of a suspect who claimed to have a gun.
Video footage showed the police officer staring down the suspect at gunpoint in the middle of a street, while the man pointed what appeared to be a gun and shouted “Kill me.” The video, obtained by CBC News, showed the suspect repeatedly pulling an object from his side and aiming at police.

The arrest was praised as a welcome example of police restraint in the midst of chaos, coming just minutes after a white rental van plowed into a lunchtime crowd in north Toronto, killing 10 people and injuring 15 in one of the most violent incidents in Canadian history.

As the suspect shouted “Kill me,” the officer replied, “No, get down.” When the suspect said, “I have a gun in my pocket,” the officer responded: “I don’t care. Get down.”

Toronto police identified the man arrested as Alek Minassian, 25, of Richmond Hill, a neighborhood close to Toronto.

“It’s quite apparent that the suspect was trying to be executed. He was really looking for ‘suicide-by-cop,’” Gary Clement, a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police superintendent with 34 years experience of policing, told Reuters.

The Toronto Police Service declined to name the officer involved in the stand-off, but Clement said he appeared to be a “very seasoned and mature officer.”

“I would say this individual met the right police officer,” Clement said. “Nobody knows how they’re going to react. In this situation a lot of it comes down to muscle memory. This guy reacted in a very mature manner.”

He wouldn’t have had a chance to say anything down here, there would have been a hail of bullets and if the past is any indicator, there would probably also have been some innocent bystanders, 3 or 4 dogs and that van all shot clear to shit on top of it.

Didn’t Need No Stinkin’ Computers

I’m telling ya, if you go back and look at all the weird gizmo’s people designed for automobiles way the hell back when it makes you wonder what all the fuss is over these new whiz bang  computer controlled Econo Boxes .


nothing new

See if you can catch the year off the license plate……

We Shall See

It was finally nice enough that I had a chance to go open the hood on the Bronco and do some wrench turning and I got that damn EGR valve swapped out.


By the grace of God the fitting at the bottom came right loose and I didn’t have to fight it to get the old one off so it went fairly quickly.

The ornery old fucker from across the street came over to bullshit and spread his particular flavor of  Old Man griping and that kept me distracted enough that I started to put the old one back on again before I knew what I was doing so I took it back off and chucked it in the garage to get it out of the way.

So it’s on and the Check Engine light didn’t come right on like it normally does.

Like I said, we shall see.



I had to make a run to Lowe’s and the light never came back on but just as I was pulling into a parking spot I heard a big sucking sound like the idle speed control solenoid had opened way up and the idle jumped way up again.

I had disconnected the battery to clear the codes when I changed the valve and the check engine light never came on but I ain’t liking that shit. It has a new idle speed solenoid on it from before I got the thing but something  is making the computer want to open the fucker up beyond what is normal.


Looks like there is further diagnosis work to come yet.


It’s That Fucking Time, Again

Spring time, yay.



Miserable fucking shit.

The yard here really ain’t that big but it manages to kick my narrow little ass every time I mow it.

It’s Karma getting even with me for being a cheap, evil bastard.

A few years ago I had to go buy a new mower because I got tired of fucking with the old one my Buddy Steve gave to me. It worked great for a long time but then it started in with it’s shit and every time the lawn needed mowing the kid couldn’t get the fucker started and I got tired of having to mess with it.

Off to SEARS I went.

Being the cheap and evil bastard I am and with the kid doing all the mowing at the time, I went with, mower, lawn, basic.

It has a bag on it but isn’t self propelled so ya gotta push the little bitch.

Now keep in mind that I just mowed the lawn for the first time this year three weeks ago.

The weather was decent enough for me to do it last week but I still had a bunch of stitches in my mouth and didn’t really feel like fucking with it so today being Saturday and a nice day, I went after it.


I didn’t think to take a picture until after I had already hit the really bad spots  but in some spots the grass was taller than the top of the engine already.


This how much grass there was from one pass,



It looks better already but the yard work season is just beginning.