Now It’s Time For All These Virtue Signalling Football Players To Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

If they feel so strongly about this “Racial Injustice” then they can get their ample little check books out.

I challenge each and every one of these people who are so concerned about this that they have to figuratively slap patriotic Americans in the face to donate one million dollars each to either a black specific charity or better yet, combine each teams contributions to a program that trains disadvantaged black youths a skill so that they can go to work and support themselves.

Put up or shut up.

Preferably both.


Libertarian Group With 100 Million Dollars In Negotiations With Unnamed Countries To Buy Sovereignty and Form Worlds First Completely Libertarian Country

It’s an interesting concept and I wish them good luck.

The Free Society Foundation, spearheaded by its founder Olivier Janssens and other prominent libertarian and cryptocurrency figures, announced its plans today to form the world’s first libertarian country. They are in preliminary talks with governments to purchase sovereignty and autonomy over a piece of land. “When we started contacting governments, interest was much higher than initially anticipated”, says Mr. Janssens, who has been working on the project for the past several years. “We have backing of over 100 million USD in private capital and are committed to the mission of realizing the world’s first Free Society.” Genius in its simplicity by just purchasing sovereignty, it seems this is the first idea that really has a chance of succeeding. In the past, many libertarians have attempted the feat by trying to claim disputed land or by building floating ocean structures. Unfortunately, none of them were successful – either due to push-back from existing governments or being unrealistically complicated. “There are many nations that have a significant national debt or are in crisis. Our aim is to help them resolve that and create an economic powerhouse next to their doorstep as a bonus. It’s a win-win for everyone.” Mr. Janssens continues. Indeed, if successful, a new Monaco or Dubai will bring a tremendous amount of opportunities to the area, one being massive employment. Roger Ver, one of the co-founders, adds: “I’m incredibly excited to be part of this project that will finally create a society based on voluntary interactions instead of government force.” The Free Society Foundation is exploring ways for the public and interested parties to participate. Many prominent names in the libertarian world are joining their team. More will be revealed soon on

More info here from the website,

We are exploring ways for the public and interested parties to participate. Many prominent names in the libertarian world are joining our team, more will be revealed soon!

Frequently asked questions,

What’s this project about?

For many decades, mostly libertarians have been trying to create a new country by various methods that have ranged from unsuccessfully claiming an existing piece of land (Minerva, Liberland), to creating floating structures on the water (Seasteading). Unfortunately, none of these attempts have succeeded so far and have encountered substantial resistance from existing governments or were technically or financially too difficult. Our conclusion is that, to really gain sovereignty, the most efficient way is to negotiate with an existing government. There are many examples of governments granting another nation sovereignty over a part of their territory, the more prominent example being Guantanamo bay (Cuba), which the USA leased as a coaling and naval station in 1903 for $2000 payable in gold per year. Other more benevolent examples are the current discussions between Maldives and other nations to sell them a piece of land in an attempt to have a solution for their people once their islands permanently disappear because of rising ocean levels.

Which government are you negotiating with?

We have started up preliminary talks with governments and interest is much higher than initially expected. For confidentiality reasons we are unable to disclose any names at this point, but we will do so as soon as we are allowed.
What are your selection criteria?
Proximity to existing economic powerhouses (US, Europe, Asia)
Accessibility by water
Located in a safe, conflict-free area
Stable existing government
Nations with a significant national debt
A flexible constitution that allows granting sovereignty
Acceptable minimum size for the land

What will be the rule of law?

We plan to establish a rule of law based on libertarian principles and free markets. We don’t see the need to recreate traditional government structures. The rule of law / constitution can be included in the final agreement of the land sale, and will be an extension of the existing contract that will be put in place with the government that granted us the sovereignty. Enforcement will happen through private arbitration, competing court systems and private law enforcement. It is important to establish a proper rule of law, as our project will set an example for the industry and create an important precedent with governments and the world. We want to make sure the constitution is solid but avoid the inefficiencies of existing government structures.

I get the impression that they are talking to one of the smaller European countries but time will tell.

Like I said, an interesting concept but probably a long shot at this point.
Ya never know though.

I found the link at Reddit News, a place I have been burned by before for not doing my homework so I went through the trouble of checking both websites from different sources before I published this.