16 thoughts on “Call Before You Dig

  1. We bored into an 8 inch water line the city forgot was there, and didn’t mark. It filled the roadbed that had finally been rolled to compaction. One hour earlier, and a day’s worth of work would have been lost.


  2. I was overseeing crew in an electric power substation. The existing plans and the substation supervisor told us the work area was clear. When the backhoe operator pulled up a bunch of cable, 4 hardhats hovered in the air as the owners transported to the street. Thankfully the cables were NOT energized. The superviser said ” huh, i guess those never got put on the as builts”


  3. We have some buried fiber in our neighborhood. Big lines used for commercial data transmission. My neighbor wanted to dig to bury some wire. Called the utility, who came out and marked where the fiber was. Backhoe started digging feet away from where the fiber should have been, and promptly dug up and severed the fiber line. A fiber repair crew was there within the hour and spent all night patching it. So, even if you “call before you dig” you can still hit the damn thing, but at least you don’t have to pay for the repair.


  4. Amazing how things important are not at the very least recorded as to location. Hell, my water and sewer lines have a schematic with lengths and compass headings from where to where. Not that I’ll ever need them up, but just because I may need to dig them up. And they both run out through the pucker brush @ 6 & 3 ft respectively, in areas not likely ever to be disturbed.


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